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Media Article # 125
Article submitted by Richard Noll

Wednesday, July 13, 1977

Another Bigfoot sighted

Eatonville, Wash. Dispatch

Three campers near the Little Marshell River close to Murphy's property by Little Falls reported what they said may have been a Bigfoot last thursday night at dusk.

Lori Cormany of Tacoma smelled a "musky" odor and then saw a large, dark animal on the hillside. The men, Bill Russell and Dan Cormany, thought the animal must be a bear, and the woman said the creature stood upright on two legs.

One of the campers crossed the stream to get a closer look. He said the animal squatted, and had broad shoulders and a head. As the man came closer to the animal, it took off.

The campers reported the incident to the Eatonville Police Department at about 11 p.m. Thursday. Officiers went to the scene and checked, but found nothing. They said the campers didn't appear to be intoxicated or on drugs, and that they appeared shaken.

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