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Media Article # 151
Article submitted by Richard Noll

Thursday, February 12, 1976

Bigfoot sighted, GR investigates

By L.L. Combs
Green River Community College

In the evening, when dusk is beginning to darken the shadows in the fir trees, stealthily a creature rarely seen steps through the brush, its long dark fur hair brushing the branches as it parts the underbrush and peers at the passing headlights of an old truck. Warily it steps onto the road, pausing, listening, and then with giant strides it crosses the road noiselessly and disappears into the shadows of the night.

This is the method of the sasquatch. A reported sighting, footprints on the sand along the beach, and legends of ape-like men with 18 inch long feet are all the sasquatch leaves behind to tell its story.

And sometimes, someone stumbles upon the prints, calls police, reporters, and sometimes sasquatch researchers who investigate and deliberate on whether the sasquatch prints are real or fabricated.

The sasquatch story is a mysterious one. It is a story told beside campfires, in movie houses, TV shows and poured over by sasquatch investigators all over the Northwest.

As I was writing the lead for this story Friday night something was happening in a small town above Chelan.

According to Richard Noll, president of Green River Sasquatch Research Organization, two people who live in an isolated area may have had a first hand experience with bigfoot.

Their cabin was surrounded by three-foot drifts of snow.

While her husband was asleep the wife noticed an odor which was like "a bear coming out of hibernation." She tried to wake her husband up and failed.

About 1:30 a.m. they were awakened by a "bang" on the back porch wall.

They had stored vegetables, beef and bacon under a metal tub on the back porch and when the husband, a professional guide, investigated he found the tub overturned and the frozen food missing, and large footprints on the porch and leading off into the snow.

Richard Noll and Dave Smith of Green River College were called to investigate.

The investigation led Richard Noll to believe that the prints were of a real sasquatch.

The Green River Sasquatch Research Organization has sent hair samples to the Bigfoot Information Center in The Dalles, Ore. for examination. The hair samples will be compared with all known types for classification.

The footprints were measured, photographed and analyzed in an attempt to determine whether the footprints are of the sasquatch or of feet made of wood or plastic.

The sasquatch research teams measure toes, heel width, ball width, kick depth and foot length. They attempt to follow the footprints. They use sophisticated electronic equipment to see and track at night.

Whether sasquatches exist or not has not been proven. Some of the "mysterious monsters" may really exist.

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Pg 4.

Two pictures appear with this article:

Snow print "He paints ceilings on weekends: The arrow points to the 'actual footprints' of a sasquatch."

Another snow print "With tennis shoes and a basketball: The debate goes on as to whether sasquatch folk roam the woods of the Northwest. Green River Sasquatch Research Organization provided the above photo as 'proof' the mountain people really do exist. The arrow points to the footprint in the snow."

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