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Thursday, June 21, 2001

Huge tracks spark Sasquatch rumour

By Philip Lee-Shanok
Toronto Sun

There's something with very big feet roaming the woods of Northern Ontario.

A member of the Weenusk First Nation reported some strange tracks last week near the south shore of Hudson Bay and a ministry of natural resources official who investigated found another set 150 km east of Peawanuck.

The deep prints were 35 cm long and 12 cm wide and were made by a creature with a two-metre stride.

"There's no idea what it is. We don't want to jump up and down and say 'Bigfoot! Bigfoot!' but there's some strange tracks up there and we are curious," said ministry spokesman Brett Kelly yesterday. He's waiting to examine photos of the tracks and is trying to keep an open mind.

"All I have right now are two verbal reports of some large tracks," he said.

If it is a hoax, Kelly said, it's a terribly expensive one since the tracks were found in a remote area of Polar Bear Provincial Park -- the largest wilderness park in the province.

Locals from the Weenusk First Nation say it's no hoax.

"If it was, I don't think anyone would be able to make the tracks all over the place in such a vast area," said John Wabano, a local government official.

"It is real. It's been sighted before," he said. An elder spotted a creature he called a sasquatch in 1976. "I guess he's always been out there. We assume that it's just passing through like last time."

"I don't think any animal could make a print like that," said Wabano, dismissing suggestions it may be a bear.

There have been 16 sightings in Ontario of the mythical beast, described as half-man, half-ape, according to the Bigfoot Field Researchers Organization Web site.

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