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Article submitted by Richard Noll

Sunday, August 15, 1971

The Sasquatch

By James Halpin
Seattle Magazine

One of the eeriest encounters with a Sasquatch may have taken place in 1950. One warm Sunday on Mountaineer St. Helens, a well known Seattle mountaineer named Jim Carter disappeared in an area where so many Sasquatch sightings have occurred that it has been named Ape Canyon. Carter's ski tracks indicated he had careened down the mountain, taking chances, as one searcher said, "that no skier of his caliber would take, unless something was terribly wrong or he would take unless something was terribly wrong or he was being pursued."

In his wild descent Carter jumped several yawning crevices before going right off a steep canyon wall. Neither he nor his equipment were ever found, and several members of the search party reported they had a weird feeling of being watched all the time they were there.

Among the searchers was Bob Lee, a mountaineer who subsequently led a 1961 climbing expedition into the Himalayas. Reminiscing about Carter's disappearance, Lee admitted that both he and Dr. Otto Trott, the surgeon for Seattle's Mountain Rescue Council, came to the same conclusion: "The apes got him."

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