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Media Article # 249

Thursday, November 11, 1976

DNR May Chase Bigfoot

Sparta-Monroe (Wisconsin) County Democrat

There have been no sightings in the Cashton area over the past week of the alleged creature with an offensive odor that resembles a prehistoric man, according to Cashton Record Editor, Martin Erickson.

Erickson added that the services of the DNR are being sought to determine the identity of the mysterious intruder.

A 28 year old farmer spotted the creature in a wooded area on his farm about six weeks ago. The farmer said that the burly looking character he saw at a distance of 60 feet gave off a staggering odor.

"I became teary eyed and began to gasp for breath," he said.

The farmer who wishes to remain anonymous, added that his dog, who approached the "thing" became sick and totally listless for several days.

The farmer, admitted to Herald reporter that, at first, he thought the creature was a Bigfoot. However, now he is unsure.

The farmer also admitted he had seen the motion picture, "Bigfoot", about the elusive figure of the Northwest.

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