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Media Article # 29
Article prepared and posted by Matthew Moneymaker

Thursday, October 6, 1977

Sasquatch Getting Much Publicity

McLaughlin Messenger

There is a sign on South Dakota Highway 63 which says "Little Eagle, S.D., Pow-Wow Country USA." perhaps part of the sign should be changed to "Susquatch Country, USA."

Little Eagle has been in the news since two weeks ago when a big creature was reportedly sighted and the McLaughlin Messenger- Corson County News reporter took pictures of tracks along the Grand River.

The Daily Argus-Leader at Sioux Falls devoted half of their front page to Susquatch and Little Eagle early last week and then sent two reporters and a photographer by plane from Sioux Falls to check the story.

The McLaughlin Messenger office and the Little Eagle Trading Post have been besieged by phone calls from news media all over the nation. Friday a man from Oregon who claimed to have photographed a Susquatch and who has produced a documentary TV film on the Susquatch affair held a lengthy conversation with Gary Alexander, owner of the Little Eagle Store, and said all of the accounts from Little Eagle were about the same as those of people who claimed to have seen the big creatures in Oregon.

Calls also came from the United Press, Associated Press and New York Times.

Wednesday night Nancy Chasing Hawk, Esther Thunder Shield and Myron Fast Horse at Little Eagle said they heard "screaming and growling" in the wooded area east of the rodeo grounds along a creek. They drove along the woods in a pickup and said the lights of the pickup picked up something in the dark with "big, green, shiny eyes."

A plaster of Paris cast of a Bigfoot track was taken about 9 miles east of LaPlant. The creature was seen by Melvin Garreaux, Cheyenne River Tribal Councilman. Standing Rock Officer Verdell Veo and his son Jeff, 15, searched in the area and found the tracks in a washout. The foot is about two feet long. The following image is a scan from the newspaper article, to view a larger version of the photo, click on it.

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