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Media Article # 32
Article submitted by Mark A. Hall
Article prepared and posted by Matthew Moneymaker

Thursday, November 3, 1977

Two Bigfoots Sighted Near Little Eagle

McLaughlin Messenger

Two Big Foots were sighted near Little Eagle late Saturday night. Who knows when there may be the patter of Little Feet in the area?

Bureau of Indian Affairs policeman Verdell Veo, Bobby Gates and Ireland and Veo's son Jeff were parked on Elkhorn Butte northeast of Little Eagle shortly before midnight. They were in two vehicles, the Veos being a distance from the other officers. They were playing a tape recording of what is supposed to be the screams of a Sasquatch made in Oregon.

Veo sighted a big creature near the bottom of the butte and moved in to get a better look, leaving Jeff in the vehicle. In a few minutes Jeff and the others saw a second big creature higher up on the butte apparently watching Veo and the other creature.

Verdell Veo said the other Sasquatch or whatever it was move at great speed "as fast as an antelope" as it ran up and down the butte. He said it moved much faster than a saddle horse.

There was suspicion there might be more than on Big Foot in the area after one was seen by Virgil and Ardyce Taken Alive and a younger sister along the Grand River. Ardyce said they were driving along the river in a pickup and were not looking for a Big Foot when the younger sister said she saw something on the opposite bank of the river. The creature was sunning himself and when the pickup stopped he got up and ambled off. Taken Alive's description of the thing they saw indicated it was not as big as the ones previously seen. They said it had almost no neck and appeared to have a black face. It was apparently not frightened.

Tuesday night of last week Mrs. Hannah Shooting Bear said she saw something looking in the window of her daughter's mobil home which is parked near the Shooting Bear home northwest of Little Eagle. She went to warn the people in the trailer and her husband went to call the police. By the time the police arrived there was nothing to be seen of the Big Foot or whatever was looking in the window.

Planes flew in the Little Eagle area Sunday and nothing unusual was seen. Riders on horses have also been going up and down the river.

National publicity is focused on the Little Eagle community and the Big Foot. Newsweek magazine devoted most of a page to the story, along with gary Alexander holding a plaster cast of the foot. KFYR-TV at Bismarck, N. D. did a documentary Saturday. A reporter from Dallas, Texas radio station is in the area this week doing a story.

A 24-hour watch is being maintained at Little Eagle. Searchers have tried starting campfires and having somebody watch from a distance to see if anything approaches. They have reported hearing sounds in the brush but nothing has been seen. They have also tried to lure Susquatch by hanging sacks of what they hope is Susquatch bait in trees.

Veo has now seen the Big Foot twice.

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