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Thursday, September 13, 1979


Tennessee Leader

Big Foot - the legendary elusive creature that was thought to be killing dogs and hogs in the Caps Gapp area of Sumner County - has apparently decided to lay low for a while.

Both the dogs and swine were reported to have no scars or evidence of being attacked and since no one actually saw them being killed, there is now some speculation that lightning may have been the cause.

White House Police Chief Frank Eatherly told the Leader Monday that there are plenty of rumors but no facts in the case so far. He said that the department had received numerous phone calls concerning the reputed Big Foot roaming the Capps Cap area.

Some people from this area have speculated that the creature could possibly be one of the bears that used to attract tourists to the road side souvenir and firecracker stands that dotted Highway 31W before the interstate pulled all but local traffic from the highway. These citizens believe that possibly an owner of one of the stands failed to report the escaping of one of the bears, or possibly turned the animals loose rather than find them a new home when they decided to close the roadside zoos.

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