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Wednesday, August 2, 1978


Des Moines Register

(AP)-Sightings of an ape-like creature have been causing some concern in the small town of Ottosen.

Humboldt County Sheriff Marvin Andersen said his department has been investigating the sightings, which have been reported by the youngsters and adults during the several days.

Andersen said witnesses describe the creature as about five feet tall, hairy, standing on two legs, and having a wide forehead.

The first sighting was last Thursday night and the latest was Monday, when an adult said the creature was heading north of Ottosen into a cornfield.

The sheriff said one reason for the concern is that several pets in the area have been mangled to death in recent days.

Andersen said he has contacted neighboring county authorities to see if they have reports of a missing monkey or ape. He said he hasn't ruled out pranksters, but that he thinks the animal may be a bear.

Ottosen, population 93, is about 12 miles northwest of Humboldt.

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