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Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Wisconsin Boys Say They Saw Bigfoot

By Rhonda Erskine

Is it Bigfoot or some other mysterious creature? Whatever it is, it seems to be on the move.

Last week there was a sighting in Washington County. Now, he's been spotted in Waukesha County.

As Courtney Gerrish explains, the description is the same, a seven-foot tall hairy "monster."

David and Dillon were out jumping on the trampoline a week ago Sunday when they saw something scary.

"We saw just a hairy monster on the corner of the woods. I saw it leaning on a tree."

"The trampoline is just about 110 yards from the edge of the woods."

The two friends walked us back to the exact spot they believe they saw Bigfoot.

"I was pretty scared when I saw that."

David Radeztsky's mom brushed the boy's off

"What was your initial response? I said oh that's nice, just trying to be a good mother but not believing it."

Five days later she heard about the sighting in Washington County.

"Then I saw your newscast and I thought that was interesting because it's not too far from Holy Hill where we live. If Bigfoot was in the area maybe he did stop by our backyard."

David and Dillon are sticking to their story

"I think that he was in the Wisconsin and that he is real"

The parents would like to know what they saw especially if it's a wild animal.

Bibliographical Information:

TV station in Wisconsin is an NBC affliate. The story comes from the station web site.

BFRO Commentary:

News stories like these will be powerful statements someday. They will show how astoundingly uninformed the American mass media was about this subject. Their ignorance shines through whenever they attribute all the sightings across the continent to a singular mystery animal, as opposed to a dispersed population of animals.

This cartoonish tendency by most American reporters, is not a recent trend. American reporters have been doing this since at least 1871 . See the New York Times article from 1871 mentioning the "wildman" seen across the country.

Canadian reporters, by contrast, usually do not attempt to minimalize bigfoots/sasquatches to a single creature.

It is so bad, in this regard, in America, that we often say there are "two types of bigfoots". One is the cartoonish concept of a singular figure that pops up all over the place, including silly TV commercials. The other is ... the moniker most often used to describe the elusive ape-like animals that are occassionally spotted on the edges of forests across North America.

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