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Media Article # 524

Monday, February 26, 2007

[Possible tracks found in Plumas National Forest -- Video Interview]

By John Iander
CBS Channel 3 - Sacramento

The CBS station in Sacramento, CA aired a news segment about tracks found in the Plumas National Forest. The segment contains images of the tracks found, and interviews with the people who found them, and a tracker who examined them.

Refer to the online article, where you will find the link to the video version of the news story.


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BFRO Commentary:

There cannot be a full investigation of the tracks because they were reported three months after they were found. At this stage the only evidence remaining is (at least) one cast of a track, and several photos, and the statements of the people who saw the tracks in person.

The photos were shared with BFRO investigator Tom Yamarone, who shared them with Dr. Jeff Meldrum (ID) and Rick Noll (WA). Rick Noll pointed out some possible red flags of fabrication, but said a firm determination was not possible based solely on the photos.

Meldrum looked at some of the photos and showed them to some of his grad students. He stated that they looked suspicisouly fabricated.

The specifics about the possible red flags noted by some of the examiners would not be a wise thing to make public.

The BFRO's conclusion is that no conclusion can be reached about the authenticity of the tracks based on the remaining, available evidence.

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