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Media Article # 533

Friday, August 15, 1975

'Monster' is spotted here

Corona Daily Independent

A "monster" resembling a huge ape has been sighted several times in an orange
grove area of South Corona, two startled men reported to the police department
The most recent sighting occurred yesterday about 2 a.m., police were told.
Officers identified the men as Daniel C. Hinson, 18, of 331 E. Rancho, and Mark
D. Perez, 20, of 2161 Dana.
The pair said they sighted the monster on a dirt road running south from Chase
Drive east of Main Street.
Police said that Hinson first spotted the monster, then told his companion about
it and the pair drove to the grove where it was sighted by both men.
They said its appearance was half human, half ape and it was in excess of 10
feet in height. Thick gray hair grew over its body and on the arms and legs,
facial hair was fine.
The monster stood on two legs like a man, and had two long arms that dangled
down on each side of the body. The hands resembled claws. It had two large black
eyes, a small pushed-in nose and a human-like mouth. Its head was small in
comparison with its body, the pair reported.
The animal left foot prints in excess of 12 inches long.
Police reports state the monster has been sighted on at least three different
City detectives and other officers were inclined today to treat the report
However, after Hinson-Perez report was filed, several other persons told the
department that they, too, had spotted the monster. Hinson and Perez said they
first saw the animal about two weeks ago about 100 yards east of Main in the
dirt road area. They said they fled the area.
Later they returned at night and spotted the animal in an irrigation ditch. When
the animal climbed out of the ditch, the pair fled in their car and the beast
followed, almost catching up with the car, the pair reported.
They said that during their trips to the area they saw no rabbits, and could
detect an odor resembling that from a dead animal.
The victims said they thought the animal had come down into Corona from the
hills because it was hungry.

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