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Friday, August 15, 1975

'Monster' sightings reported to police

Corona Daily Independent

Corona police said today that over the past 24 hours a number of area residents
have reported sighting a huge ape-like creature that was first seen near Chase
Drive east of Main Street two weeks ago.
Two Corona residents, 18 and 20 years of age, told police last Tuesday they had
seen the monster and it had chased them while they fled in their car. They said
they first saw the animal a couple of weeks prior to that time.
After the initial report was filed at the police station, a number of persons
told officers they had sighted the beast. They said they saw the animal before
The Daily Independent carried the story.
Yesterday and last night, police received additional reports from persons who
sighted the monster.
A Corona resident, Irene P. Rambo, 18, of 217 S. Garfield, told officers she saw
the beast about 3 p.m. yesterday. It looked over a high patio fence in front of
her apartment, she stated.
She described the animal as about 10 feet tall, half human, half ape, and
covered with hair. It had human-like teeth she said.
She told officers that she grabbed her two-year-old son from the patio and
locked herself and the boy inside the apartment.
One report said the monster had been sighted at Chase and Skyline Drive about
3:30 p.m. yesterday.
A number of persons have called the police station asking if there is really a
monster in South Corona. Police said, "We can only reply that no officer has
seen it."
Police continued to check out South Corona area yesterday afternoon and last
A number of area residents joined the hunt. One officer said there were more
persons in one grove than trees.
Other officers reported about 50 persons were in the groves at one time
searching for the animal.
The monster was supposedly seen originally on Corona Foothill Lemon Co.
property, so Ned Willits, chairman of Foothill's board of directors was asked
the following question: "Is it true that you are harboring a monster on your
"Well," he replied, "it is sort of like the time when they closed up a small zoo
on the Earl Ranch. All of a sudden we had hyenas and other creatures all over.
Those were real, however, not Monday morning creations." "No," he continued, "I
haven't seen anything. At least I haven't gotten close enough to be able to see
facial hair in the middle of the night."

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