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Media Article # 570

Wednesday, January 29, 1902

An Idaho Story

Dubuque Telegraph-Herald

Pocatello, Idaho, Jan. 29.—The residents of the little town of Chesterfield, located In an isolated portion of Bannock county, Idaho, are greatly excited over the appearance in that
vicinity of an eight-foot, hair-covered human monster.
He was first seen on Jan. 14, when he appeared among a party of young people who were skating on the river. The creature showed fight, and flourishing a large club and uttering a series of yells, started to attack the skaters, who managed to reach their wagons and get away in safety.
Measurements of the tracks showed the creature's feet to be twenty-two inches long and seven inches broad, with the imprint of only four toes. Stockmen report having seen the tracks along the range west of the river. The people of the neighborhood have sent twenty men on its track to effect its capture.

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