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Article submitted by Sandra Maisel

Wednesday, November 14, 2007


By Sandra Maisel
Alive Magazine

You bet your sweet Bigfoot there is! Just ask Mike Rugg, the curator of the Capri—Taurus Bigfoot Discovery Museum on Highway 9 in Felton, Ca.
As a child, he saw a Bigfoot/Sasquatch on the banks of the Eel River in Humboldt County, and he’s been a believer ever since.
There have been numerous sightings in the Santa Cruz area going as far back as 1882, and continue to the present day. If you want to hear some interesting Bigfoot stories, or if you have a sighting to report, stop in the museum and talk to Mike. He also has some very unusual castings of Bigfoot/Sasquatch footprints.

There have been hundreds of reports of a large, hairy, bipedal, elusive creature roaming the Pacific Northwest.They have been reported by eyewitnesses all over the world. I have personally interviewed three different men who have had Sasquatch encounters in Northern Ca. One man was a trained sniper in the military, and he had a very terrifying
close up encounter with a female Sasquatch while camping in the Sierras. It scared him so much that he couldn’t sleep for months afterwards, and he was even afraid to go outside his house at night! Remember, I said he was a SNIPER IN THE MILITARY!

So you think there’s no such thing as Bigfoot? There are experts who will tell you that they believe it’s a real living creature.
Such as, Dr. Jeff Meldrum, who is the associate professor of Anatomy and Anthropology at Idaho State University. He is a leading academic authority on Bigfoot, and he wrote the book titled, “Sasquatch, Legend Meets Science,” which is endorsed by primate researcher, Jane Goodall. I met Dr. Meldrum when I attended his Sasquatch lecture in Santa Cruz. “He has analyzed all the evidence with objectivity, and he has concluded that the search for Sasquatch is a valid, scientific endeavor.” Dr. Meldrum is also an affiliate curator and research associate of the Idaho Museum of Natural History. Wildlife biologist and renowned Sasquatch researcher, Dr. John Bindernagel, thinks they’re real. He’s interviewed hundreds of witnesses, and in 1988 he discovered Sasquatch tracks in the mountains near his home on Vancouver Island, where there have been 100 sightings. He has also documented 380 cases in British Columbia. He is the author of the book titled, “North America’s Great Ape: The Sasquatch.

Fingerprint expert, Jimmy Chilcutt, who’s with the Conroe, Texas police department, examined some Sasquatch footprint castings, and said “They show dermal ridges that are not human and not primate.” They are from an unknown creature! He states, “That this is absolute proof there is an animal out there!” Some scientists think that Bigfoot is a relative of Gigantopithecus Blacki, a giant Asian ape that lived thousands of years ago.
“Giganto” was believed to be approximately 10 feet tall and weigh 1200 lbs. Other people think that Bigfoot is the “Missing Link!” Entire families of Bigfoot have been seen, Ma, Pa, and Baby Bigfoot! Let me interject here, that the plural of Bigfoot is Bigfoot, and is interchangeable with Sasquatch. I don’t know if Bigfoot likes Cold Stone ice cream or Jack Link’s beef jerky, but I’ve heard he likes cinnamon graham crackers, hot dogs and beer!!

Some little known facts about Bigfoot are:

1.Can run up to 35 miles per hour.
2.Grow up to 15 feet tall in Canada.
3.Footprints are in a straight line with a 5—6 ft. stride.
4.Footprints are up to 24 inches long by 10 inches wide.
5.Likes to throw rocks and sticks at humans.
6.Communicates by tree knocking, rock banging and howling.
7.Has been reported to have a “language.”
8.There are approximately 2,000—6,000 in North America,
Including Canada and Alaska.
9.They have been seen swimming in lakes, rivers, andeven the ocean.
10.Comes into residential neighborhoods and looks into windows.
11.Likes to eat deer liver but not the deer.
12.Has been sighted in every state except Hawaii. (I guess he couldn’t swim that far!)
13.Likes to shake and rock people’s vehicles and trailers.
14.Hair and fecal samples have been tested and results are from an unknown animal.
15.They can climb trees, so don’t stand underneath one or you might be sorry!
16.They come in many colors, even blonde with blue eyes. OMG! The Paris Hilton of Sasquatches!!

People who have seen a Bigfoot/Sasquatch, say they emit a horrible, skunk-like, rotting garbage odor, hence the name Skunk Ape in Florida. Their screaming howls are hair raising, terrifying, and LOUD!
Native Americans have been seeing them for 400 years, and believe them to be spiritual beings. Sasquatch creatures have been seen by other very credible witnesses, such as police officers, forest rangers and military personnel. The term Sasquatch is a derivative of the word “Sesquac,”
meaning “Wild Man”


There has been one report of a Sasquatch killing a human in the story told By President Teddy Roosevelt in his book, “The Wilderness Hunter.” Two trappers were being stalked by a Sasquatch—like animal in a very remote area of the U.S. One of the trappers shot at the Sasquatch, but missed him.
The two men split up and when one returned to their camp, he found his partner dead with a broken neck. The neck showed teeth marks, but the body wasn’t eaten. They are usually harmless and very shy, but can become aggressive when confronted.
They try to frighten humans away from their territory by growling, screaming, and throwing rocks and sticks. If you are “lucky,” one might come after you! There have been many reports of campers and rural property owners being harassed by them after dark. They have been known to kill aggressive dogs that chase or threaten them. Dogs have been found torn apart, so keep Fido at home!


The next time you are in the woods, (if you dare go) look for these signs:

1.Sign saying “BIGFOOT CROSSING”. (Yes, these signs have been seen)
2.Huge, hairy human—like creatures.
3.Giant footprints.
4.Large piles of human looking scat (feces).
5.A feeling like you’re being “watched.”
6.Broken, twisted trees and branches.
7.Teepee—like structures and large nests of branches and leaves.
8.Horrible odor.
9.Ear piercing, hair raising howls.
10.Rocks and sticks being thrown at you.
11.Tree knocking and rock banging.

Witnesses have reported that the face of a Sasquatch looked so human that they couldn’t shoot it. And the ones that did try to shoot it said the bullets didn’t kill it, so don’t ever try to shoot one ‘cuz you’ll only make him mad, and it’s against the law in some states. If you are one of the “few” who don’t believe in Bigfoot/Sasquatch, then what are these huge, hairy, upright, bipedal hominids that are leaving behind gigantic footprints?

The next time you are out camping in the woods, keep your beer locked up, because there’s nothing worse than a drunken Sasquatch chasing girls around your camp site!!

And if you hear a LOUD, BONE CHILLING, BLOOD CURDLING, HAIR RAISING HOWL in the middle of the night, head for the hills, uh, I mean your car, and GET THE HECK OUT OF DODGE!!!!!!

I’m never going camping in the woods again!!

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