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Article submitted by Nathan Hetzel

Saturday, August 9, 1997

Bigfoot and Family Visit North Side

By Jennifer Palmer
Sioux City Journal

Bigfoot and his family might be living in Sioux City. Then again, maybe they're just passing through, or maybe it is just a hoax.

Lori Gabriel swears that Bigfoot is playing in her backyard at night. She even claims to have proof.

"The last four or five nights we have heard branches breaking, and there has been footprints everywhere," she said. "Now I found three different sets of footprints. It looked like Bigfoot, his mate, and Baby Bigfoot might have made them, like they were standing next to each other."

Gabriel, who lives at 616 17th St., in Sioux City, Iowa, said she usually hears the noises from Midnight to 5 A.M. She, herself, has never seen the Bigfoot, but one of her tenants claims he has.

James Corbin reported to the Sioux City Police Department shortly after 5 A.M. that he saw Bigfoot standing in front of his first-floor window. He said the animal was taller than 7 feet with reddish-brown hair.

"I woke up about 5 A.M. and saw this huge thing outside my window. It had its back to me, and I did not get a good glimpse of it because I did not have my glasses on at the time. I had to squint to see it well, then it just disappeared," he said.

Gabriel also believes that Bigfoot is the one who has been letting her dog off the leash at night.

"My dog doesn't let nobody touch him unless one of us is out there," she said.

Although both Gabriel and Corbin admit that Bigfoot's appearance could be a hoax, they are still looking for proof that it exists.

"We have been out seaching for other signs. We are not the only ones with footprints in our yard. There are some across the street, too," she said.

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