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Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Bigfoot sighting reported in Wilson County

By Larry Woody
Mt. Juliet News, Mt. Juliet, Tennessee

A recent story about cougar sightings in Middle Tennessee prompted a message from Lebanon attorney David Lawrence about an investigation into a reported Bigfoot sighting in Wilson County.
Two 12-year-olds - a boy and a girl - insisted they saw one of the legendary creatures on a logging road in a rural section of the county on July 16, 2010. The national Bigfoot Field Research Organization investigated the report, interviewed the witnesses and deemed them credible. Most wildlife professionals do not believe Bigfoot exists - they say what is being sighted around the country are bears and other large animals. The Tennessee Wildlife Resources Agency takes that position, stating that if such a species existed the remains of one would have been discovered before now, or would would have been detected on a trail camera used by hunters to photograph wildlife.
However, if there should be such a creature in the wild, it is protected by law.
Although there is no concrete evidence to prove the existence of Bigfoot (such as a body or an indisputable photograph) there have been numerous reported sightings by credible witnesses, such as the one last year in Wilson County.
According to the BFRO report, the two youngsters went for a walk on a logging road while the father of one was bush-hogging a nearby field. The girl was walking ahead of the boy and as she came around a turn in the road she saw a creature approximately eight feet tall, standing erect on two legs, with an arm around a tree.
The animal was leaning out and away from the tree as though to look at her.
It was approximately 20 yards away, close enough for he girl to give this detailed description:
It was covered in hair (not fur) that was black and glossy with hints of dark brown. It was completely covered in hair except for portions of its face. The skin of the face was lighter in color than the hair.
The eyes were very large, dark, and wide-set.
The nose was "normal size" for the face.
The arms were muscular, as were the shoulders, so much so that it appeared that the creature was shrugging its shoulders.
The chest was flat and muscular.
There was an oddity about the lower jaw on the right side of the face; the jaw appeared to be "dropped" on that side, as in an expression of surprise or perhaps in the act of chewing. The teeth were visible on that side of the face.
The encounter lasted approximately 20 seconds before the girl turned and quickly walked back to her friend. She told him what she had seen and they started to return to the field where the boy's father was working. They glanced back, and the creature had followed the girl and was standing in the road 10 yards away, next to a cedar tree. The boy described the creature exactly as the girl did.
They quickly hurried away, told the boy's father what they had seen, and he returned with them back to the spot. The creature was not seen again.
According to the BFRO the description of the animal fit that of other sightings around the country over the years.
Wildlife biologists insist such a large creature could not elude hunters and photographers in today's increasingly shrinking wild habitat. But they cannot explain why large numbers of credible witnesses continue to report seeing a creature that doesn't exist.

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