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Monday, May 30, 2016

MICHIGAN MONSTERS: Dewey Lake Monster legend comes to the surface

By Aaron Dimick

DOWAGIAC, Mich. (NEWSCHANNEL 3) -- It looks like any other small lake in Michigan, but Dewey Lake in Cass County has gotten worldwide attention, because some people are convinced there's a terrifying monster that lurks around the lake.
All month long, Newschannel 3's Aaron Dimick has been taking a look at mysterious creatures that are said to inhabit Michigan.
We're wrapping up the series of reports, Michigan Monsters, by taking a look at the Dewey Lake Monster.
The legend took off in summer of 1964 and Dowagiac was in the grips of monster fever.
Thousands of people flooded the area looking for a creature that was spotted around Dewey Lake after residents around the lake reported close encounters with a huge beast covered in dark fur that was 10 feet tall.
The frenzy eventually died down, but people are still seeing the Dewey Lake Monster.
"I look at it with an interested eye. I think it's a possibility," said Wendy Alexander, a Cass County native who's interested in the legend.
Alexander says she grew up hearing stories of the monster.
"I wouldn't assume everybody would be hoaxing," Alexander said.
She's just one of several people who keep an eye on sightings using a Facebook page and website dedicated to finding the truth.
There have been sightings from Dowagiac all the way to Decatur.
Alexander says the Dewey Lake Monster appears to be similar to a Bigfoot, but there are differences.
"It seems to be somewhat aquatic in nature. It swims under the surface. Some people say it's scaly, with claws, more like a bear. Some of the pictures show a cone-shaped head," Alexander said.
It also appears that this creature is more aggressive.
"Some of these reports have smashed cars, turned over cars. That's scary. Seeing something would be scary enough but being aggressed by some sort of unknown creature would be incredibly freighting," Alexander said.
When Newschannel 3 reporter Aaron Dimick was out at Dewey Lake, he came across some suspected evidence.
Leading into a swamp was a single footprint, appearing to be very wide with claws and while in the woods, he found a plant that was torn up and placed in a circle.
He sent this evidence to researchers, who say it matches up with other reports.
"People are embarrassed to come forward. And there are close to 30 sightings. How many people haven't come forward because they're too embarrassed?" Alexander said.
Alexander says we may have to wait for physical evidence for people to believe.
"I don't think video in this day and age, it just gets better. CGI is so realistic, it would take an actual specimen," Alexander said.
Until then, you may want to be careful where you swim.
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