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Media Article # 81

Sunday, September 6, 1818

Another Wonder

Exeter Watchman

(Sacket's Harbor, N.Y.) -- Report says, that in the vicinity of Ellisburgh, was seen on the 30th Ult. by a gentleman of unquestionable veracity, an animal resembling the Wild Man of the Woods. It is stated that he came from the woods within a few rods of this gentleman - that he stood and looked at him and then took his flight in a direction which gave a perfect view of him for some time. He is described as bending forward when running - hairy, and the heel of the foot narrow, spreading at the toes. Hundreds of persons have been in pursuit for several days, but nothing further is heard or seen of him.

The frequent and positive manner in which this story comes, induces us to believe it. We wish not to impeach the veractiy of this highly favored gentleman - yet, It is proper that such naturally improbable accounts should be established by the mouth, of at least two direct eyewitnesses to entitle them to credit.

Bibliographical Information:

6 Sept. 1818/Ellisburgh, NY/`Gentleman'/Saw hairy `animal' which ran away (see ch.1)/Exeter Watchman 22 Sept. 1818, located by Howard Koval, NJ.

In Chapter One, P. 17, is a copy of this account.

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