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Report # 10611  (Class A)
Submitted by witness Jerry Cameron on Saturday, February 12, 2005.
Night time sighting by policeman on the Trans-Canada Hwy, ~100 miles west of Cochrane

YEAR: 1992


MONTH: October

DATE: 4th



LOCATION DETAILS: hwy 11 north to northbay then the transcanada hwy to Cochrane then west about 100 miles


NEAREST ROAD: Trans-Canada Hwy

OBSERVED: First I have never told anyone about this sighting untill this year. I working for the durham regional police and have since 1979. I was going moose hunting and my friend was driving we had been on the road about 9 to 10 hours going to Igness Ontario. We were about 100 miles west of Cochrane Ontario on the Transcanada hwy.This area has the bush cut back some 30 to 40 yards on each side of the road when i noticed an animial coming out of the north side of a ditch area and run across a two lane hwy. We were about 100 yards away and moving up fast as we were driving at about 65 to 70 mph (100 to 115 klms). This animinal ran across the road on two legs and were about 20 yards away. By the time it crossed the road my friend turned to me and said "what the hell was that." I said don't you know that was a sasquach/a bigfoot. He turned to me and said it was not. I'm not going to have people call me nuts, so I said OK? What was it? He said a man in a fur suit. We argued about this for a few minutes, even though we were about 100 miles away from the nearest town. We never said another thing about it till this year, and he stll says he has never seen anything. Now let me describe this animal. It was about 6 to 7 feet tall, very long and muscular arms that went down to its knees. It was covered in fur that reminded me of moose hair. It did turn to look at the truck we were driving -- a chevy 4x4 . It looked like it was as tall or a little bit taller than the cab of the truck. It only took about 5 or 6 steps to cross the two lane hwy and down into the ditch we were passing. This was at night between 7 and 10 pm.

OTHER WITNESSES: two however my friend still says he say he saw nothing as he does not want to be called nuts

TIME AND CONDITIONS: between 7 and 9pm cold and crisp about 37 degrees

ENVIRONMENT: this is northern Ontario Canada its all pine forest cedar/evergreens.this area is as far as i can tell at night fairly flat in this area

Follow-up investigation report:

I spoke with the witness over the phone and found him to be direct and forthright. He has been a Police Officer since 1979 and has been hunting since he was a child.

The witness provided a little more detail with regards to the description of the creature. He describes it as a female because of breasts that were in the lower chest area, heavy legs and buttocks, about 300 - 400 lbs., 7 feet tall and arms that hung down to the knee area. He further adds that it had the same colour and texture of hair as a moose, being black with coarse hair. Apparently it had less hair on the chest area and a partially hair covered "hominid" face. The witness says that he could see muscle definition on the arms and shoulders.

As it crossed the road in front of their vehicle it turned its upper torso to look at them and then continued to make its way into the tree line on the south side.

The entire sighting took about 10 seconds. He advised that he had a camera with him in the vehicle, but did not even think of it at the time due to the disbelief in what he was seeing.