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Report # 13627  (Class A)
Submitted by witness on Sunday, January 22, 2006.
Pre-dawn road crossing sighting by trucker 40 miles west of Toronto

YEAR: 2004

SEASON: Winter

MONTH: December

DATE: 16



LOCATION DETAILS: about 5miles south west of Acton ontario.
highway #25 south to sideroad 22 go west to Nassagaweya-[Puslinch] town line, south to sideroad 20.


NEAREST ROAD: side road 20

OBSERVED: My name is Mark, I live in the city of kitchener Ontario Canada, I have been a little reluctant about reporting what had happened to me on my way to work last Dec. 16 2004, I believe I had an encounter with a creature or something of this sort, that I cannot explain?

I was driving to work, the time would have been 5:33am when this sighting took place heading down side Rd 20, coming up to a T intersection making a left turn at Nassagaweya-[Puslinch] town line. And heading north, just after I made the turn and fumbling with my coffee cup, something caught my eye! I was startled by a large figure, on the right side of the road. It was walking (upright) towards me, the head lights of my truck facing right at it, it had dark brown fur, with brindle color in it, as I was traveling closer, it started to move off the road way into a ditch and disappeared off in the bush.

I would say the distances as I passed by it would have been less than fifty feet. I would guess the height of this creature to be about seven feet tall.

This sighting took place just south west of Acton Ontario Canada

45 year old Heavy Equipment operator

ALSO NOTICED: very cold morning

OTHER WITNESSES: witnesses no.

OTHER STORIES: In hamilton area,few years ago.

TIME AND CONDITIONS: early morning,dark,light flurries

ENVIRONMENT: bush/forest,dirt road. swamp like

Follow-up investigation report:

The witness, VM, had the sighting early in the moring while driving on a rural side road. He remembers it being extremely cold that morning.

He got within 50 feet of the figure. More details about the appearance: 7' tall, a "brindled" dark brown and light brown patchy hair all over it's body. Heavy muscualar build. He did not get a clear look at the facial features but he could see the face was somewhat flat, like a human's face, and it had a pointed/crested head.

He did not stop to look around immediately after it happened. A week later he was driving by the same area and he stopped to look around. He found nothing at that time, but he noted there was heavy snowfall in the intervening week so only very fresh tracks would have been visible.