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Report # 1537  (Class A)
Submitted by witness S.C. on Monday, January 29, 2001.
Forest Service surveyor finds over 20 large foot prints along a forest service road

YEAR: 1996

SEASON: Winter

MONTH: December


STATE: Louisiana

COUNTY: Grant Parish



OBSERVED: I had just finished surveying some timber to be cut and was driving back to file the survey when I saw several large footprints on the side of the road. Stopping to look I found over 20 some odd tracks that went into the woods on one side up the road then crossing the road and into the woods.I also noticed alot of deer hair,no blood. Alot of deer tracks were in and around the tracks I had found.The tracks had 5 toes on each foot.They went approx 1/2 to 1inch into the gravel and sand along the road. I left and went home to get a camera, I returned with a polaroid camera and took 5 pictures because I used the rest earlier that month.The tracks were larger then my size 12 boot, I also weight about 220lbs and could not get my boot to sink as deep as the tracks.

ALSO NOTICED: Lot of deer tracks/hair in the area, like it had been pulled off .

OTHER WITNESSES: 1, returning from surveying woods, driving down the road.


TIME AND CONDITIONS: Cloudy,rained the day before,more rain forecasted for the day.

ENVIRONMENT: Pine forest, flat, sandy, gravel roads, Kistachie National Forest Land

Topozone map of general area