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Geographical Index > United States > New Jersey > Ocean County > Report # 1556
Report # 1556  (Class A)
Submitted by witness Scott Kantner on Monday, November 3, 1997.
Young cyclist observes tall, dark creature in Manahawkin

YEAR: 1979

SEASON: Summer

STATE: New Jersey

COUNTY: Ocean County

LOCATION DETAILS: In Manahawkin N.J., Ocean county. About 1/4 miles off route 72

NEAREST TOWN: Manahawkin


OBSERVED: Riding my bike through the woods with some friends. I had to stop to wait for them. When I heard a branch snap, No more than 40 ft away it looked right at me with large black eyes. It was about 8'-9' tell, I got a good look too I will never forget. He was proportioned the same way a human being would be, it was scary. With blackishbrown-rust colored hair. The hairs on his arm were about 3"-4" long. His forearm was about the size around as my leg. About 20 inches around. His strides were long say 10' per step. He must have been watching me for sometime cause I was stopped already a minute. When I heard a branch snap, I glanced over I was shocked and tried to figure out what I was looking at. He just stared. No noise, no motions, no jesters, no nothing. Very frightening cause you don't know what he is capable of. It was as if he was thinking of coming towards me. He was very close, I froze like a rock. I turned my head to see what my friends were doing. Then turned back to look at him, he was still there. I know he got a good look at me too, cause it looked like he stooped his head down slightly and peered hard at me. Then he turned raised his arm to gain his balance and stepped into the woods. He didn't turn away from me but rather walked to my left his right then I lost sight of him. I have told this story to many many people but I don't think anybody believes what I saw. I guess like I didn't believe either until I saw one with my own eyes.

TIME AND CONDITIONS: Mid-summer, 1979 9:00am on a Sunday