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Report # 166  (Class B)
Submitted by witness on Sunday, August 6, 2000.
Screams heard in mountians near hwy 680

YEAR: 2000

SEASON: Spring

MONTH: February

STATE: California

COUNTY: Contra Costa County

LOCATION DETAILS: I live at the base of the Diablo Foothills, in the East Bay in California. My house in on Garron Ct., off of Rudgear Road, which can be accessed off of Freeway 680.

NEAREST TOWN: Walnut Creek

NEAREST ROAD: Garron Ct. off of Rudgear Road

OBSERVED: I dont think this was a BIGFOOT sighting, and in fact never even considered it until stumbling across your site, and reading a few things that were similiar to what we heard. But I thought I would share, if only for the sake of adding to your information base.

I had a friend visiting, and we were both awaked around 2:00-3:00AM, by a very un-natural howling sound. It sounded as if a pack of wild dogs was running past the house. We didnt hear any footsteps though, just a very odd sounding howling. But it was like a mixture of howling and heavy wind combined. Note, it wasnt windy that night at all. We heard it for about 10 seconds, as it went past the house and kept going. We could heard the sounds fade in the distance as it ran off. We both sat there terrified, saying "What the #$%$# was that??" We didnt go outside to check it out, rationalizing that it had to be a pack of dogs, or coyotes or something. Until reading your site, I hadnt really thought much more of it.

ALSO NOTICED: Nothing odd was noticed at all.

OTHER WITNESSES: One other witness, My friend Diana who was visiting from Ohio.

OTHER STORIES: Ive never read or heard of any sightings of a bigfoot in this area. The closest reports I saw on your site, would be in Marin County just across the bay. Ive never heard any sound like this before, or after this incident. Ive asked my roomates if theyve ever heard anything like that and they also say no.

TIME AND CONDITIONS: It was 2:00-3:00 AM, weather wasnt too warm, but we did sleep with the windows open that night.

ENVIRONMENT: We were in my house asleep at the time. THe surrounding area is a combination of foothills, trees, dry grass, and many hiking trails. Quit a bit of wildlife in the foothills.. coyotes, mtn lions, and deer.