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Report # 16853  (Class A)
Submitted by witness No on Tuesday, December 5, 2006.
Roadside sighting by a father and son north of Brockville

YEAR: 2006


MONTH: December

DATE: 5th



LOCATION DETAILS: Near Highway 29, north of Brockville, on the way to Graham lake.

NEAREST TOWN: Brockville(large)

NEAREST ROAD: Highway 29 North

OBSERVED: My father (75) was driving to Addison (town) to see his mechanic to give him an early Christmas gift. I (49) was sitting in the passenger seat (front) of a 2002 Montana van. We were approaching a curve in the road with a house on the left with two large cedars, when I noticed a large dark brown object (furry, like an otter coat) run behind a billboard sign (LUCKY LOON CAMPGROUND) into the brush and wooded area. I saw it for about five seconds as it made its way over the crossroad. I estimated its size by comparing it to the cedars that were on the property, and it was more than half the cedar's height of around 16-17 feet (so approx. 8-9 feet). It appeared to be running upright like a man with a swinging motion. Thick body (trunk 3-4 feet wide). Arms held tightly to side of body-no visible hands. Rear view only. Appearance of shoulders and head.
There was newly fallen snow from the night before, but it seemed that the object jumped over the shoulder of the road and left an impression on a small rise (or bank) toward the bush. It seemed as if the impression was an irregular shaped large peanut shape with snow in the center where the arch would be of a foot.
Nearby there were broken cedars, and a newly formed path through the bush was evident.

Did not report event to authorities, but mentioned it to residents (husband and wife) who came walking by later. Told them to be careful. Talked to two friends as well about the incident.

ALSO NOTICED: Imprint(?), broken cedars and branches, path through brush.

OTHER WITNESSES: (1) ME... looking at roadway and wooded area to the left. (2) My father was looking right at the roadway, and did not see the event occur, but witnessed the impression and the cedar and brush damage.


TIME AND CONDITIONS: Clear, suuny, bright

ENVIRONMENT: Brush, wooded, relatively flat

Follow-up investigation report:

The witness saw the creature for about 5 seconds, as he described above, until it disappeared into the forest. The sighting took place at 11:20 am in an area that is very light in vehicle traffic.

After a careful analysis of the immediate area, the witness is convinced that it's height had to have been at least 8 - 9 feet. He initially thought what he was looking at was a "bison" that escaped from a local zoo due to it's considerable bulk. However, he quickly dispelled that thought when he realized that it was travelling upright on two legs.

He describes its coat as "otter-like" with a shoulder width of about 5 1/2' tapering slighting down to about 4' at the waist and the coat colour as being dark brown above the waist and a lighter brown from the waist down. It moved in a slightly hunched over "jiggling" motion as if it's two hand were clutching something to it's chest and the outer elbows were protruding outwards.

He says that the only physical evidence left at the scene was a slight soft-mud print and a matted down area in a high grass section off the shoulder of the road. The indent in the grass was in a type of "L" configuration suggesting a fetal type position created by whatever was laying there.

He also noted that last year the local paper mentioned an unknown animal was killing cattle from nearby farms. Some locals believe it to be a cougar, but given the fact that cougars are generally not found this far south this seems unlikely. These incidents will be further investigated.