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Report # 1917  (Class B)
Submitted by witness brian smith on Tuesday, March 6, 2001.
BFRO field investigator finds sasquatch tracks in the snow

YEAR: 2000

SEASON: Winter

MONTH: January

DATE: 1/2/00

STATE: Washington

COUNTY: Walla Walla County

LOCATION DETAILS: mill creek road to blue creek follow to five points and head up blacksnake

NEAREST TOWN: walla walla

NEAREST ROAD: blacksnake

OBSERVED: a group of friend and i took 3 different trucks up blacksnake ridge at 12pm to look for evidence of Sasquatch activity. once we made it to the top of blacksnake we 4x4 in the snow a bit before heading back down. once we were heading down i was in the back following the 2 other trucks. i was far enough behind to lose sight of them and was looking for tracks along the road when i came apon a series of tracks that warrented investigation. i came to a stop and got out and video the tracks which came out of the woods, crossed the road and went over a slash pile and back across and into the woods again. my friend had turned back to see if i might have gotten stuck and were shocked by the tracks i pointed out to them. We followed them back into the woods till they faded out due to the wind and snow. We got back into our trucks and headed home when i got a flat tire and another truck ran out of gas. I headed back to town in the # 3 truck while the other friend who ran out of gas waited in his truck with his girlfriend for us to return with a spare and gas. while we were heading down blacksnake back to town we saw another set of fresh track coming ut og the woods, walking down the road a bit then off into the woods again. we got out to look these over and it took two steps of my friend to match one step of the Sasquatch tracks. we made video of the tracks and wen into town to get our supplys. apon coming back u blacsnake the tracks were gone due to weather. We repaired the trucks and went home

ALSO NOTICED: nothing but that the tracks were not there on our way up blacksnake so we had just missed the sasquatch

OTHER WITNESSES: first set of tracks they were out looking at them with me. second set of track one witness was with me and the others were waiting farther up blacksnake

OTHER STORIES: This area has a huge history of sasquatch activity

TIME AND CONDITIONS: strong wind/snowing 1:30/2:00am

ENVIRONMENT: wooded area with looging taking place, rough mountain road

A & G References: Wa atlas pg 41 8-D

video stills of sasquatch tracks

Follow-up investigation report:

Video was submitted to Richard Noll and Jeff Meldrum. It was also shown to area hunters who believed these were not made by any animal but by a large biped.

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