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Report # 23214  (Class B)
Submitted by witness on Friday, February 22, 2008.
Unusual howls recorded in the Black Hills southwest of Rapid City

YEAR: 2008

SEASON: Winter

MONTH: February

DATE: 18 & 20

STATE: South Dakota

COUNTY: Pennington County

LOCATION DETAILS: (Edited for privacy at witness request.)

NEAREST TOWN: 7 mi South-Southwest from Rapid City, SD


OBSERVED: Sorry if duplicate, I keep hitting some key that throws me out of this page.
Auditory report.
Returned home after Vol Fire Dept meeting and heard weird howling. Got my digital voice recorder from inside the house and obtained roughly 4.5 minutes of it on tape. Ululating howl with some echo off of nearby cliff face. I estimated the sound to originate (nearby). I am an avid outdoorsman and have lived in the Black Hills for over 40 years. This sound was odd, did not fit the pattern of any animal species I am aware of.
We have Coyote, Mountain Lion, Big Horn Sheep, White Tail deer (occ. Mule deer) frequenting my home place. Bobcat, skunk, etc. Elk are within 1-2 miles. Wild animal park (Bear Country USA) is (nearby) and has Black Bear, Grizzly Bear, and Wolves to name a few. We often have sounds from there drift in and what I heard was not any of them, either. Would like someone there to listen and render an opinion on the origin of the sounds.
On 20th sound was more distant, perhaps 1.2 to 2 mi, fainter and without the echo. It appeared to be originating North-Northwest that night.

ALSO NOTICED: Dogs did not seem to like to hear this.
I have a digital recording of these two incidents available on contact, as well as a written summary with maps.

OTHER WITNESSES: Myself on 18th, wife also heard on 20th.

OTHER STORIES: Yes. My wife and I heard the same thing back in late Oct or early Nov of 2007 coming from South-Southwest of our home. My son and brothers and I heard a similar sound 9-10 years ago near Hill City while fishing around 0530. We are 9-12 mi (by the crow flies) from a class A sighting near Mt. Rushmore, a few more from the Blue Bell Lodge sighting. Other anectdotal reports in Black Hills as well.

TIME AND CONDITIONS: 18th: 1915-1920 hrs, cold (16 F), clear (few high scattered clouds), still (calm winds) with approx 1 inch day-old snow on ground. 20th: 2020 hrs, cold (20F) overcast (?1500 ft ceiling) with calm winds.

ENVIRONMENT: Dense Ponderosa pine forests with scrub Oak groves scattered. Some open meadows and pastures. Steep difficult terrain with many deep ravines, deep canyon country, limestone cliff faces and limestone caves. Inumerable places for seclusion. Ridges nearby. Big Horn Sheep wilderness preserve (nearby). Essentially an island of pristine Black Hills forest with suburban encroachment. No doubt about it being rural, though. Closest water is Spring Creek (*) in Spring Canyon.

Follow-up investigation report:

I first interviewed the witness the day after this report was submitted. During our long discussion, his enthusiasm about recording these unusual vocalizations, similar to those that he had heard previously, was clear and he was eager to offer them for the consideration of others. He thought it possible that the audio might be sasquatch-related given the other reports in the general area, because they sounded somewhat like some other supposed possible bigfoot recordings, and because he did not have what he considered to be any other likely explanation. The recordings were forwarded immediately thereafter. After review by myself and several other associates, I also considered them sufficiently unusual to merit their public release for the review of anyone so interested.

I visited the location the following August, shortly after two additional and similar recordings were obtained, as part of frequent follow-up in recent years to many various reported observations in southwestern South Dakota. Due to many direct and credible witness contacts, personal and on-location visits and interviews, a fairly-thorough familiarity with the region, and an almost-certain sighting of my own, it is my opinion that the Black Hills and Pine Ridge Reservation region apparently provides a suitable and continuing habitat area for some of these creatures and further investigative efforts are intended.

The following long recordings are complete, un-edited and as provided by the witness.

First Recording
Second Recording

David Petti