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Report # 2333  (Class B)
Submitted by witness M. B. on Monday, April 30, 2001.
Family hears late night screams near Long Barn

YEAR: 1988


MONTH: September

STATE: California

COUNTY: Tuolumne County

LOCATION DETAILS: Take Forest Road 3N01 out of Long Barn, past Fahey Cabin, to Hull Creek Campground. Past Hull Creek Campground is Two Mile Road (2N32). Follow south to a fork and go south-east, to next fork go north, near roads 3N83 and 3N86C.


NEAREST ROAD: Forest Road 3N01

OBSERVED: I was listening to Art Bell last night and they where talking about bigfoot....Art played a couple of clips of bigfoot sounds taken I think in Oregon or Washington. When he played the sounds I was driving in my truck (I am a truck driver) and had to pull off the road. The sounds brought back a memory I had tried to forget.
I was a teenager at the time. My parents, Aunt, Uncle, brother and I where up in the Sierra Nevada Mountains in California on a deer hunting camping trip. We were well away from civilization and the only other people near us was another small group of campers on the other side of the small valley we where in. My family had camped in this particular spot for years and have never up to that point had anything strange happen. The second night we were all in our respective tents, when out of nowhere there came a sound unlike any we have ever heard in the woods. To reflect on it now, and before I had heard the sounds that Art Bell played, I would have described it as being somewhere between a woman screaming and a mountain lion's loud roar. After hearing Art's sound file, I now say it was more like that. I am at this time trying to locate a copy of these sound clips to hear again and play them for my parents to see what they think.



ENVIRONMENT: Pine forest and a large, open valley

Follow-up investigation report:

Talked with the witness by phone. The following details can be added to the report:
--they were at this location to do deer hunting on opening day.
--the witness and his family got there on Friday, and another hunter came in with a camper on Sunday;
--the screams started on Tuesday, and at first the family thought it was the other hunter making noise, but then realized that it sounded more like an injured mountain lion and screaming woman mixed together;
--the screams only lasted a few minutes, and seemed to be located a distance from the camp;
--the screams continued for the next three nights (four nights in total), and each night they sounded like they were getting closer to them;
--the last night, it seemed like the scream came from only a few hundred feet from them;
--the witness remembers his father and uncle going out and finding a footprint on the road. His uncle is 6'9"; and the footprint was larger than his; and
--the witness and his family left the next day, partly due to the women being scared and partly because their hunting time was nearly over.