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Report # 23796  (Class B)
Submitted by witness No, Keep names private on Wednesday, May 14, 2008.
Loud vocalizations heard on ridge near Wynoochee River ~10 miles north of Montesano

YEAR: 2008

SEASON: Spring


DATE: 05-12-08

STATE: Washington

COUNTY: Grays Harbor County

NEAREST TOWN: montesano

NEAREST ROAD: wynoochee

OBSERVED: a vocalization, repeatedly for about 3 hours on 05-12-08. My dogs were going nuts the entire time, waking me up repeatedly from 0130 hours until 0430 hours. About 3 am went out to try to figure out why the dogs ere so on edge, heard a series of calls simmilar to the "lonesome" call that is heard on the "southern calls" on your site.
On 05-13-08 in the evening, I called 3 neighbors, and all reported the same restless dog behavior. I also had a neighbor volunteer a description of "seeing a set of dark yellow to red eyes in his back yard about a week and a half ago when he stepped out to have a cigarette" the interesting thing is that the eyes seen under a million candle spotlight, and using a high stump as a reference point, were described to me as being 8' off the ground....the interesting thing is that he stated that he either saw 2 eyes in the light or nothing....his sighting was about 60 yards away.....

this week and a half ago time stamp also matches my dogs going crazy all night last wednesday from 1130 to about 0230 am.

I plan to conduct an "on site" interview with the neighbor and report my findings at a later date.

By the way, I am college educated, a military veteran, a veteran animal control control officer for well over a decade, a lifelong successful bowhunter for elk, deer, and bear. I'm "redneck" by choice, and own a ranch that is at the northmost end of county roads and human habitation on the west bank of the wynoochee river, on the Olympic penninsula of washington state.

I am all real and credible..

the vocalization that was heard was a drawn out sine wave ....a searching call.....most likely a mating call from a lone male in my opinion....

ALSO NOTICED: i plan to make a track walk this weekend if ranch obligations allow me

OTHER WITNESSES: dog activity at least 3, vocalizations, 2 witnesses, visual, 1 witness

OTHER STORIES: this area has been BF silent for years, but was a cluster of activity about 12 years ago

TIME AND CONDITIONS: at night ...1130 to about 0430

ENVIRONMENT: gated off timberlands at the edge of human habitation

Follow-up investigation report by BFRO Investigator David W Ellis:

I spoke with the witness for over an hour. His descriptions were clear and concise regarding the location and a description of the call he heard. On a subsequent visit to the site I was able to interview the other witness. They both heard and described the same call. It was about a 7-8 second howl that started out somewhat low and oscillated to a higher note then back down to the lower howl. It was repeated three times and that was it. No return calls were noted.

The main witness is hunter and tracker. He has impressive knowledge of the area and the local game. He is also aware of sasquatch and local lore.

He is a bow hunter and has the patience to move extremely slowly to track his prey. He said he is not familiar with any animal that could produce the long sustained calls he heard coming from the ridge. That is what prompted him to seek outside assistance.

The Wynoochee Valley and up into the Olympics Mts above Wynoochee dam have a rich history of bigfoot related incidents -- sightings, vocalizations, track finds.

The area has one of the highest concentrations of elk on the Olympic Peninsula. In this part of the country, elk concentration seems to be the most important factor in predicting the concentration of sasquatches.

I know of a different local incident, involving a different witness. This incident happened three nights prior to these witnesses hearing the vocalization up on the ridge.

One week after filing the report this witness called me back to let me know a curious observation. He went down to the river and noticed that a log had been moved. He had been clearing brush the day before and knew where the log was originally located . The next day he noted the log had been moved. He estimates the log weighed in excess of 600lbs. What got his curiosity up was the fact that the log had been rolled up hill. The area around the log was not conducive to reveal any foot prints.

This location is on private property. He would know immediately if somebody were on his land. Any vehicle driven in would be visible from his house. When he is not there his property is gated.

About BFRO Investigator David W Ellis:

  • Senior Sales Representative for Lightolier / Philips
  • Currently residing on Whidbey Island in Puget Sound
  • Attended several public and private expeditions in Washington State
  • Assisted with the 2009 expeditions on the Peninsula and the Cascades