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Report # 23808  (Class B)
Submitted by witness on Friday, May 16, 2008.
Husband and wife describe possible repeated stalking incidents outside Barnesville

YEAR: 2006-2008

SEASON: Winter

MONTH: November

DATE: November 2006

STATE: Georgia

COUNTY: Lamar County

NEAREST TOWN: Barnesville


OBSERVED: My husband had told me about these woods that he grew up near that used to scare him as a boy. He had not been to the woods in about 8 years and he thought that the incidents were scary just because he was a kid.

We decided to go camping in the woods for the first time in 2006. It was in the winter time and the leaves were crunchy on the ground. We went to the camp site where my husband used to camp and set up everything. The camp site was about two football fields away from the main trail down in the valley. We were on a sand bar that extended out into the water and there was only one trail in and out for this site.

Right as it began to get dark it got very still and quiet. There were no birds, no dogs barking and we could not hear anything moving around. We started cooking dinner and right when it got dark we heard the most horrifying scream that I have ever heard in my life. The sound was so loud that I could feel it in my chest like someone was holding an air horn right out in front of me.

We were bound and determined to stay the night so we just brushed it off as an owl or something. After the sound we could hear walking, very heavy two legged walking. We did not know what to think so we just shrugged it off as a deer.

We decided to go to bed and get some sleep and just make it through the night. As we were lying in the tent the walking got louder and then we heard a loud kerplunk in the water next to the tent. We pushed it off as a beaver. Then it did it again and we could not take any more so we decided to just grab some of our things and leave.

As we were getting out of the tent we could hear the walking in front of us. The thing was walking down our path towards us. My husband had a 22 gun and decided to call out a bunch of warnings to make sure that it was not a person. We had two high beam flashlights on the path and we saw eyes. They were big with no visible pupils, and they were green.

My husband felt that we were in danger and decided to shoot three times at the eyes. When he shot the thing walked towards us three steps and stopped. I do not know about you but a normal animal will run when gun shots are fired at the close of a range (about 30 feet). We got back to the camp site and felt trapped and helpless because we do not know how to get out of the woods with this thing in our path. My husband ended up calling one of his high school friends that he had not spoken to in about 5 years to come and help us.

Our friend came to our rescue and brought a bigger weapon and more lights. From what my husband says the thing followed us out of the woods the entire way. This story is one of about 6 so far.

After that night our friends wanted to go out there to investigate so we went out there the next day and looked around. We could not find any tracks or hair but there were some trees and vines that actually formed a dome shape that a 6’ person could stand straight up in. There were little piles of sticks under there and a spot flattened out big enough for a grown man to lie down on.

The next night it was walking around us and it also knocked sticks together and screamed at us again and we left around 10:00pm that night and left the camping gear behind. We have been out there about 6 other times and it is always there waiting for us so that it can scare us out of the woods again.

Just to give you a little bit of a back ground on our witnesses. We have had four law enforcement officers (including my husband), an RN, me and our friend’s wife. I am telling you this because this is not a joke to us and it is very real. My husband and his friends went to the woods about a month ago and got ran out again.

ALSO NOTICED: People in the town will tell you not to go out into these specific woods on this certain river. They have there own stories too.

OTHER WITNESSES: It was only me and my husband for this particular story.

OTHER STORIES: I have heard stories from about three other people either actually seeing something, being scared out of the woods by something big that they could not describe or someone hearing the scream.

TIME AND CONDITIONS: It was a clear day and we got out there before dark at about 2:00pm and we ended up leaving at about 11:00pm

ENVIRONMENT: Woods, hilly and near water (creek)

Follow-up investigation report by BFRO Investigator Nick Wamboldt:

Spoke to both the husband and the wife. Both were witnesses and had the encounter with the alleged creature 2 years ago.

Prior to seeing the green eyeshine, the chronological set of events included:

Bipedal footstep sounds, sounds of rocks being thrown into the creek and a very loud moan/howl which was described as starting off with an owl sound, then moving towards a wailing woman/cat sound and ending with a very deep growl. The witness described the growl as very deep and stated “I could feel it in my chest”.

Husband, who is ex Army and served 2 tours in Iraq portrays able marksman skills and is obviously very familiar with weapons. He explained that after several verbal attempts to ward off the alleged creature, he fired directly into it from about 30 yards away. He went on to further explain that once he did this, the eyes only moved closer to him. He said he felt threatened and called for a friend to come to his aid. Finally, the eyes moved back and then totally away from the couple once the friend arrived.

Since this incident, he has heard screams/moans similar to these on other occasions in these woods both prior and since this encounter.

I saw the area where this incident took place. It is very brushy at this point and slightly overgrown due to the season. The flat area where the couple witnessed this event is fairly small, somewhat sandy with little grass and directly next to a small creek. Next to this area are small pockets of what appears to be flattened or “carved out” underbrush. This may have been caused by wild hogs or recent flooding.

The alleged creature stood across the creek and slightly uphill from where they were camping. No sounds related to what the witness encountered were heard that late evening of our visit. Access is limited -- private property. The property owner is concerned about trespassing, consequently the location will not be shown on the Google Earth layer.

I appreciate the openness of both witnesses to discuss and point out these area as them to be very credible in their explanations. The witness continues to come to this area from time to time and future exploration may be possible. Should significant events occur an update will be posted with this report.

About BFRO Investigator Nick Wamboldt:

Current Small Business Owner - Atlanta, GA
Attended GA Expedition 02/06, Attended NC Expedition 09/06