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Report # 23823  (Class A)
Submitted by witness on Sunday, May 18, 2008.
Man recalls seeing a large creature while driving at night near Fayetteville

YEAR: 1987


STATE: Tennessee

COUNTY: Lincoln County

LOCATION DETAILS: Teal hollow Rd. I was going west. It is a short cut road between Flintville and Fayetteville little traffic and not many homes long straights where you could go very fast without traffic or police

NEAREST TOWN: Fayetteville TN

NEAREST ROAD: Teal hollow Rd near HWY 64

OBSERVED: I was 17 and had an 11:30 curfew. I had left my girlfriend's house a little later than I should and was in a hurry to get home. I traveled Howell Hill Rd to Teal Hollow Rd. On Teal Hollow Rd I was speeding down a long straight away and saw something on the side of the road. I thought it was a deer or cow at first, so I slowed down. As I got closer to it, it stood up. As I passed it I was still going fast, about 55 or 60. I then thought it was a person who had crashed their car so I hit my brakes. By this time I was past it. I stoped in the road about 100 to 200 yards past it. When I put the car in reverse to back up I could see that it had walked into the road behind me. I probably got to within 25 to 30 yards of it when I realized it was much bigger than a person. It was dark so I do not have a great description. It scared me. I threw the car in drive and floored it. I drove like a bat out of heck until I got to HWY 64. When I got home I was still shaking and still had tears in my eyes. I do not know what I saw, but it was big, looked to be 6 1/2 to 7ft and almost half the width of my car. 20 yrs have past and I still will not drive that road anytime close to dark. I get cold chills everytime I think about what happened. It scared the heck out of me, whatever it was

OTHER WITNESSES: No I was alone had just left my girlfriends house going home

OTHER STORIES: Yes, that is why I decided to do this. I have not told many people about this and would like to stay anonimous

TIME AND CONDITIONS: Dark between 11:00 and 11:30 no moonlight on a county back road

ENVIRONMENT: Trees on both sides of road

Follow-up investigation report by BFRO Investigator MB Pope:

The witness was forthcoming and certain of what was seen. He has only told a few people.The witness repeated several times that what he saw was not a deer, a cow, or a bear. He did not travel this road again, a shortcut off the main highway, for several years. To this day, he will not travel that road at night.

Several more details can be added to the report:
-The sighting lasted about 20-30 seconds after the figure stood in the road.
-Deer were abundant so he was scanning the sides of the road as he drove, looking for eye-shine from deer in case one ran out in front of his car.
-He saw what he thought was a trash bag or stump in the creek that runs parallel to the road. When he came closer, he was unsure of what was there - a cow? what? Prior to slamming on the brakes, he saw a figure on the side of the road with a hunched back, like someone with bad posture. When he got beside it, the figure stood.
-He was driving a '68 Camaro and the figure was about even with the height of his car, while still in the creek.
-With the figure being observed in the rear-view mirror, it walked out of the creek and into the road.
-The figure was about 6 1/2 -7' ft tall and wide at the shoulders and upper body. He guessed between 3-4 ft, probably closer to 3ft. The neck was not visible like a human's.
- He threw the car into reverse and then drive, squealing his tires as he sped off. It went in the direction of the creek & woods, not seeing if it walked or ran.
-The area of the sighting is a shortcut off the main road with the nearest home about 5 miles away.There are homes on the road, but not near the sighting area.The road is (or was at the time) a small blacktop road with no lane dividers/ stripes, etc. on the surface.There are woods on both sides of the road for miles.

About BFRO Investigator MB Pope:

Lives in coastal South Carolina and is self employed in construction and development. Loves the outdoors and has hiked throughout the Pacific Northwest, the Rockies, Chile, Argentina, and the Appalachians. She attended BFRO in SC (2007), NC (2008), and Georgia (2008). She will be attending the 2009 expeditions in North Carolina and Georgia.