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Geographical Index > United States > Louisiana > Franklin Parish > Report # 2388
Report # 2388  (Class A)
Submitted by witness on Saturday, May 5, 2001.
Lost hunter has encounter with mangy looking bi-pedal creature

YEAR: 1980


MONTH: October

DATE: 18

STATE: Louisiana

COUNTY: Franklin Parish

LOCATION DETAILS: Tensas National Wildlife Refuge or what some people call, Big Swamp


NEAREST ROAD: Bayou Macon Rd

OBSERVED: The only other person to hear this story was my Grandmother,and she has been dead for many years.I was hunting with my Uncle on the Tensas National Wildlife Refuge, in Franklin Parish Louisiana.I had been lost for most of the day and i was trying to find my way out of the woods when i finaly found an old road bed near a place called Hog Lake.I had walked about 200 feet down the road when i heard a noise up in front of me coming through the woods. Thinking it was my uncle looking for me,i moved forward and what i saw was beyond belief.I first saw it as it came onto the road about 50 feet in front of me.It stood about 6 or 7 feet tall and looked like it had the mange.The hair on it's body was short and there was several bare spot's on it's torso and leg's.It probably weighed about 250 pounds,more or less.It's head was round,very small ears,and almost no neck.It stood and looked at me for what seemed like an hour, although the encounter only lasted a few seconds at which time it slowly turned and walked back the way it came ,stopping to turn and look at me only once.I have never ran so fast in my life.I made it out of the woods about one hour later and never told a soul except my Grandmother,five years after it happened.


OTHER STORIES: Some stories of strange screams,hunting dogs killed and horses being spooked

TIME AND CONDITIONS: During the day,about 2 P.M or so. It was sunny with a few shadows.

ENVIRONMENT: Hardwood Bottoms,swamps,Hog Lake