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Geographical Index > United States > Kentucky > Logan County > Report # 2391
Report # 2391  (Class A)
Submitted by witness Lyle on Tuesday, August 25, 1998.
Strange noises followed by strong odor and glimpse of large bipedal animal

YEAR: 1991

SEASON: Summer


STATE: Kentucky

COUNTY: Logan County

LOCATION DETAILS: Lewisburg, Kentucky, Logan County. In the northern most part of the county, in an area called Hollow Bill, along U.S. 431, one mile from the Muhlenberg County line.


NEAREST ROAD: Muhlenburg

OBSERVED: I came home about 9:00 PM. My father and I got out of my vehicle and immediately heard a loud screeching roar that reverberated off the surrounding hills. We stood in my drive and tried to tell where it was coming from. We heard the roar again about 10 or 15 seconds later and I determined it was coming from the northern part of my property. My father and I went quickly into the house and I grabbed my shotgun and loaded it with 00Buck. My father refused to accompany me to the woods as he was scared. I grabbed my flashlight and headed out the door and up the hill. I left the light off and walked as quietly and slowly as I could. As I neared the woods, there was a strong, foul odor. I heard branches breaking in the woods and flicked on my flashlight, pointing it towards the sounds. When the light went on,"IT" took off on two legs and busted branches as it went. I only had a short glimpse of it but, it was tall, large, hairy, and an animal of some sort. I mentioned it to an old farmer friend the next day and he told me it had been spotted years ago and was called the "Critter," by the locals. I haven't had any other contacts since that fateful day. I might mention that I checked the woods out the next day and there were numerous broken branches up to a height of about 8 foot, and the ground showed obvious disturbance from its fleeing

ENVIRONMENT: Edge of the woods and my field on a hill.