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Report # 23916  (Class B)
Submitted by witness on Sunday, June 1, 2008.
Family records possible vocalizations in daylight near Mt. Zion Cemetery

YEAR: 2008

SEASON: Spring


DATE: 31

STATE: Tennessee

COUNTY: Lawrence County

LOCATION DETAILS: From Hwy 43, turn onto Rabbit Trail Rd. continue about 30 miles to Blooming Grove Rd., turn left and continue to Revilo Rd. Stay left until you reach Mt. Zion Rd., turn right and continue until you cross the low water bridge and you arrive at the Mt. Zion church.



OBSERVED: While on a day trip to a very remote local cemetery in the pine barrens near Appleton, Tennessee my family and friends observed a freshly fallen tree across Sugar Creek about 150 yards south of the Mt. Zion Church entryway. Visitors have to cross a low water bridge on Sugar Creek at this point. Was a very pleasant day in May (31st), with blue skies and a light breeze. After about a half an hour we heard what could only be described as the most unholy sound any of us have ever heard coming from the area past the fallen tree on Sugar Creek (about 1000yds away from us). It was no cow, donkey, horse, etc. My wife and best friend heard this sound and in fact captured it on our camcorder. It is nowhere as loud as it was in person, but I do have it recorded.

ALSO NOTICED: Didn't think much of it at the time, but there was a n unusual odor on the breeze. Hard to describe, but dank, musty wet-doggish smell. But this wasn't close to seemed like it was coming down-wind. And now that I begin to piece things together, it seemed to be coming from the vicinity of the yell/sound. But a good distance away, at least.

OTHER WITNESSES: There 3 adults that heard the sound and 3 children 15, 9 and 8 years old.

OTHER STORIES: No other incidents that I've heard of in Lawrence County, but some locals have said there are strange things that happen at this old cemetery, but I think they were referring more to specters and spirits than bigfoot. However, after looking through your site I do see that there have been reports of these creatures in several counties surrounding us and we were very near the county line with Giles County where there have been reports.

TIME AND CONDITIONS: Clear skies, breezy beautiful May day at about noon.

ENVIRONMENT: This was/is one of the earliest cemeteries in Lawrence County dating to about 1875. Located in the "barrens" of Lawrence county, it is also a very remote location. Pine forests, Sugar Creek runs through here (relatively shallow - 3ft max) Mt. Zion Methodist church is here. Pioneer-era type meeting hall.

Recorded vocalization

Follow-up investigation report:

I spoke with the husband on November 2, 2008 and found him to be very credible.

He and his wife and daughters as well as another female friend of the family were on a research outing to old Mt. Zion Cemetery in Lawrence County, TN when this event occurred. The wife and her friend are actually in the process of writing a book about paranormal activities (of the ghostly type) throughout the South. The husband is a photographer, researcher and published writer.

I don't have much to add since he did an excellent job of recording the events of that day in his report. He had posted his recording on You-Tube and I'm including a link here: