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Report # 2404  (Class A)
Submitted by witness on Sunday, May 6, 2001.
Girl celebrating her birthday has encounter with upright animal walking through yard

YEAR: 1981

SEASON: Spring

MONTH: April

DATE: 26

PROVINCE: Manitoba


LOCATION DETAILS: it was going toward I assume the marsh or beach area...


NEAREST ROAD: 430 or 411

OBSERVED: It was my ninth birthday 1981 I had my cousins and my aunt and uncle were over to celebrate my birthday. My parents had gotten me a new bike that year, I had let my cousin ride my bike when the peddal kept falling off and he had left my bike on the outside of the fence. My dad told me you better go get your bike before someone runs it over or takes it. So I go outside to get my bike, I was knelt down to fix my peddal when my aunt was screaming at me to go to her or to run into the house. My grandmother was standing in front of her screen door and was also very upset screaming. I then stood up and looked at what my aunt was pointing at. It was a hairy thing, it was slim with arms past its knees and it turned to look at me. It was quiet and there was no smell..It was a light brownish/Grey...It was no threat to me but I looked at my aunt and she was still screaming. I dropped my peddal and ran into the house and told my dad and my uncle what I had see. My dad and my uncle ran outside to go and investigate what I had seen, there were uncle kept a cast of one but it is now gone, I don't know what ever happened to it. I think he gave it away to someone in the states... he passed away 17 years ago. I know what I saw was real. I remember it like it was yesterday.

ALSO NOTICED: my dad and my uncle went to investigate what i had seen but only footprints were seen.... a cast was taken but now is lost or given away...

OTHER WITNESSES: there were 3 witnesses my aunt was screaming at me to go into the house or go to her... and my grandmother was also screaming at her screen door witch was about 100 feet away.

OTHER STORIES: I haven't heared of anyone ever seeing anything but reports of a womens scream was heared and never any explaination of the screams...

TIME AND CONDITIONS: it was 8:30 in the evening it was still light out...

ENVIRONMENT: It was a very nice evening,only dirt roads at the time... very bushy area....

Follow-up investigation report:

As her horrified grandmother and aunt looked on a creature came from between the houses (on the edge of town – St. Ambroise), walked right past a 9-year-old girl and went into the bush. It didn’t act anxious or alarmed, it just walked calmly past.

The witness was outside getting her new bike, a birthday present, when her aunt, who was standing out in the yard, and her grandmother, who was standing at the door to the house, started screaming at her to get into the house. She looked up and saw what they were screaming about; a tall hair covered creature with long arms was walking north from between the houses. It strode right past her, just 15 or so feet away, and turned and looked at her as it past. The witness said it looked unperturbed, not at all aggressive – “meant me no harm,” she said.

The girl’s father and uncle set out after the creature with a shotgun, found tracks, which they cast (but can no longer locate), and called around to tell others to be on the look-out for the thing. Aside from the few tracks, they found nothing of the creature. The aunt and grandmother referred to the creature as “the devil” before they all became aware of sasquatch reports. Then they considered the creature to have been a sasquatch.

The day after the sighting the girl’s grandmother took ill and the following day, April 16, she passed away due to heart failure. The aunt has since suffered a stroke and can not communicate by phone so I was unable to talk with her. I spoke with the witness, now a grown woman, three times by phone and am convinced she was telling me the truth.