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Report # 2429  (Class B)
Submitted by witness on Wednesday, February 10, 1999.
High-pitched growling scream heard by witnesses.

YEAR: 1986

SEASON: Summer


STATE: Kentucky

COUNTY: Perry County

LOCATION DETAILS: Coal Harbor Hill, Perry County, Kentucky, USA

OBSERVED: A friend and I were walking up the hill at approximately 2:00 am.No drugs or alcohol had been consumed by either of us. We were walking on the road up the hill when we both heard a "scream," for the lack of a better word. It definitely was NOT human, but it sounded like no animal I had ever heard. It was simultaneously high-pitched and growling; it was very strange. It first seemed to originate from a pretty good distance away. This is mountainous country, and we were near to the crest of the hill. the sound seemed to come from the valley below. When we first heard it, we both froze and looked at each other. After the "scream" ended, we both asked, "What the hell was that!!," and we started to move a little faster up the hill. After 20-30 seconds, we heard the sound a second time, only now it lasted longer (about 6-7 seconds) and sounded MUCH closer. At this point we ran up the hill and back to my friend's home as fast as we could. My friend, who still lives in the area, says that he has heard the sound on two other occasions since then, but I never heard anything like it again; that is, until I downloaded some possible Bigfoot sounds recorded in Ohio, and that is EXACTLY the sound we heard that night. And a WAV file is as close to that sound as I care to get again.

OTHER WITNESSES: We had walked to a convenience store for some snacks, and were just talking on our way back to his home


ENVIRONMENT: Perry County is located in the Appalachian Mountains of Southeast
Kentucky. The hill we were on is on a small, two lane country road, and the sound came from a wooded area over the edge of the hill.