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Report # 24799  (Class B)
Submitted by witness on Thursday, September 25, 2008.
Hunter hears loud uknown vocalizations near Greenvale

YEAR: 2006


MONTH: November

STATE: Tennessee

COUNTY: Wilson County

LOCATION DETAILS: The location is in the north eastern part of Middle Tn. It's only half an hour to an hour away from the cumberland plateau area. It was in greenvale tn. in wilson co. No further directions please


NEAREST ROAD: Greenvale rd. Approximately 1 mile

OBSERVED: I heard a series of screams/howls that are not of ANY animal I know to be in the state of TN.

ALSO NOTICED: There was apparently two creatures. I would guess with in 1/2 mile of my location. one creature was to my far left where the valley tappers at that end, the other was to my far right at the opposite end of the valley. These creatures were communicating, without question. There came a bellowing scream in a sequence of three from the left. It paused 2 or 3 seconds between each scream. The first cought me off gaurd, I thought a man could have fallen and been hurt in the woods. It sounded at first as if it could be a LARGE person yelling with all there might. But by the second and third scream I knew this was not a person. It had the tone of a persons battle cry, but sounded as if it came from within a chest the size of a full grown bull. It literally vibrated the trees and in my head. After the third scream and the echoes faded I tried to think of any logical explaination for the sounds, but before I could come to a conclusion the screams were answered by a nearly identical sound and volume scream from my far right. These too were enough to shake the woods, and were also in a series of three. At that point I KNEW WHAT I WAS HEARING WAS A PAIR OF SASQUATCH.

OTHER WITNESSES: It was just myself. I was deer hunting. The woods had been eerily still. No birds, squirrels, deer, or coyote howls. No movement or noise all morning.

OTHER STORIES: None. I've never heard anything like it before or sense. Except for the recordings provided by your site here. I can never forget those sounds.

TIME AND CONDITIONS: It was mid morning, overcast and cold

ENVIRONMENT: It was the typical mixed hard woods of TN. Very thick, dense cover with a maximum visibility of 100 yards. I was on a ridge line below a saddle between to high hill tops. This property is privately owned and is land locked (no road frontage) our access runs one mile from the road to our line. This is a Very rural area

Follow-up investigation report:

I spoke with the witness by phone. He is a Wildlife Biology major at a nearby University, and a life long hunter and outdoorsman. He has had experience with deer, elk, wolves and bear as well as most other North American wildlife and game animals.

He was deer hunting on property owned by his family. Their hunting property is a mile from the nearest road and land locked, but they have an easement to access the property. I live in the same county and am familiar with this area. Homes in the area are close to the roads and spaced a good distance apart. This area is also hilly and heavily wooded with a good deer population and plenty of fresh water.

The witness also noted that prior to the first calls he observed that the woods were deadly still - no sounds at all from birds, squirrels or other animals, and no animals were noticed. He found this to be quite unusual, but was hoping a big buck might be in the immediate area.

I found this witness credible. He spoke at length about the volume and timbre of the calls and has researched animal sounds at length since his experience and has found no known animal that even came close to the sounds he heard. This event made a lasting effect on the witness.