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Report # 25432  (Class A)
Submitted by witness on Friday, February 6, 2009.
Man relates a series of encounters with a white bigfoot near Obion

YEAR: 1976-1978

SEASON: Summer

DATE: 1976 - 1978

STATE: Tennessee

COUNTY: Obion County

LOCATION DETAILS: Off of Interstate 155 at the Obion exit, turn west (away from town) go about 2 miles and Glass is the first Community you come to. It has been seen over about a 3 mile radius to my knowledge.

NEAREST TOWN: Glass Community (Obion is the closest town)

NEAREST ROAD: Glass road

OBSERVED: Well this is going to sound strange but, here it goes. I grew up in a small community were something else lived. I have talked to people from that area from three generations that have seen this thing. If you have never seen it most of the people that have won't tell you much, they do not want anybody to think they are crazy!! I even knew one man who, is dead now that had a relationship (fed it and it was not afraid of him)it. Any way I seen it 3 times during my childhood 1 time from about 200 yards with 2 other people. The other 2 times I was alone. One of those times I was maybe 40 yards away coming home and it was in my back yard by a fence. But the last time was very intence, I was walking home from town (about 3 miles away)and it was pretty dark so I was looking down most of the time. I was about a quarter of a mile from home and I turned onto the street that led to my house. I walked about 30 feet and there it was. It was about 10 feet in front of me. It was down on it's hands and feet doing something! It saw me at the same time I saw it, it stood up and we looked at each other for a few seconds (it seemed like forever) then it ran one way and I ran the other way. Now we always called it the White Thing. It looked like what most people think a big foot looks like except it is an off white color, it is about 8-9 feet tall. My father always said all of us kids were "seeing things" untill he found tracks while hunting. I know 30-40 people who have seen this thing.

ALSO NOTICED: I have talked to people over three generations that have saw it over the years. The really strange thing is that it is white.

OTHER WITNESSES: I knew 30-40 people that saw it at different times. One time about 20 kids saw it at the same time.

OTHER STORIES: I can tell you several stories that I have been told.

TIME AND CONDITIONS: Night 2 times and one time at dusk.

ENVIRONMENT: Mostly farm land now,it is close to bottom land from the river.

Follow-up investigation report:

I visited with the witness at length by phone and found him to be very credible and down to earth, with an excellent recollection of the events that made a very lasting impression on him.

The witness grew up near Obion, TN in the Glass community. At the time of most of these incidents - from 1976 through 1978 or 79 he would have been from 13 to 16 years old, and the community at that time had a population of only around 100 people. When Reelfoot lake was created by the earthquakes along the New Madrid fault between mid-December 1811 and mid-March 1812, a great bluff was also formed. The Glass community and the town of Obion were the first real towns you came to past that bluff to the east. This was wild and unpopulated county at the time and is still sparsely populated.

The witness remembers hearing about "The White Thing" as the local residents called this dingy white Bigfoot. His first personal experience happened when he was a young child playing hide and seek in a field with about 35 other children. Some of the children saw the creature and became very frightened. The witness did not see it himself at this time but he ran with the others and remembers the fear of the other children.

Approximately 2 years after this he was staying overnight with his cousins and was in the top bunk in their bedroom. All of the children saw it out the window at approximately 100 - 150 yards away and it was in the same location that the group of children had seen it when playing hide and seek.

Fast forward to when the witness was 13 - 14 years old. The street lights had just come on and he was walking home. His home at the time was approximately 1/4 mile from his cousin's house. As he approached his home the creature was standing within 10 ft. of the back of his house and he was on the street in front of his house. I asked what his reaction was and he said he ran.

The last time the witness had a personal encounter was in the late 1970' s when he was 16-17 years old. He was walking home from town and it was very late, after midnight. He turned down the first street from town that would take him to his house and was walking with his head down. When he looked up the creature was about 20' from him and was squatting down. They apparently saw each other at the same time and the creature stood up and they stared at each other for 10 - 15 seconds before each took off running, he to the creature's left and the creature to it's left; his right.

I asked him what made the biggest impression on him during this encounter and he related that it was being aware that the creature was as afraid of him as he was of it. He also noticed the dingy white color, long arms, and long hair.

The witness also noted that the road the creature was squatting down on during this last encounter went about 1 1/2 miles back away from town and then dead ended into an area with some abandoned homes. An older couple lived about 1/4 mile down that road. The wife apparently had Alzheimers and wandered away from home at one point, causing the community to turn out and search for her. After she was found she had to be placed in a care facility and the community befriended the older gentleman who confided to several of them that he had befriended "The White Thing" and was feeding it.