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Geographical Index > United States > Kentucky > Magoffin County > Report # 26605
Report # 26605  (Class A)
Submitted by witness on Thursday, September 17, 2009.
Man recalls early morning sighting while squirrel hunting near Salyersville

YEAR: 1972


STATE: Kentucky

COUNTY: Magoffin County

NEAREST TOWN: salyersville


OBSERVED: my grandfather told me about seeing a thing he said looked like a ape when he was was hunting at harvest in Magoffin county when he was younger.
said he didnt shoot it because he didnt know what it was.
im writing this because he dont know how to use a computer.
also told me his grandfather called them hairy men.


OTHER STORIES: he told me his dad seen something there when he was hunting a few years earlier.

TIME AND CONDITIONS: day evening time

ENVIRONMENT: just hills and woods

Follow-up investigation report by BFRO Investigator Don Adkins:

This report was submitted to the BFRO website by the witness' grandson. I spoke with the witness J.H. at length on 10-6-09. The witness was sitting quietly, squirrel hunting in late September 1972. The sighting occurred early morning just after daylight. The leaves had not yet fallen. He described the creature as reddish brown, very muscular, strong legs, at least 7 feet tall, weighing approximately 400-500 pounds.The witness did not hear the creature, but saw it at a distance of about 70 yards, moving away from him from right to left. The area at the time of the sighting was old growth timber, rough terrain, but has since been developed for natural gas exploration, and much of the old growth timber has been cut. The witness watched the creature as it walked casually away on two legs, pausing briefly and looking around before continuing on. He did not feel that it was aware of his presence. After the creature was out of sight, the witness looked for tracks. He found 4 or 5 human shaped, but much larger, footprints about an inch deep, with slight toe markings. He stated that his shoes made hardly any mark at all. The witness' father, now deceased, also saw a similar creature in the same area 3 years before. An avid hunter, the witness stated that he had not seen anything like this since, and was not aware of any other sightings or stories from the area.

About BFRO Investigator Don Adkins:

Don works in manufacturing for a major global consumer goods company. He attended North Carolina 2007 and Tennessee Expedition 2009. Also the 2010 Illinois and Tennessee Expeditions.