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Report # 2797  (Class B)
Submitted by witness on Sunday, March 28, 1999.
Tracks found in snow & photos taken

YEAR: 1999

SEASON: Winter

MONTH: February

DATE: Mid to late in the month

STATE: Wisconsin

COUNTY: Marinette County

LOCATION DETAILS: Marinette county, WI. Approximately 15-20 miles NNW of Crivitz.

OBSERVED: My brother-in-law found and tracked in both directions a set of bipedal tracks in the snow. Photographs were taken and show that the creature was very heavy, and had an extremly long stride. These tracks could not have been faked, due to the depth of the tracks and the stride. Many of the pictures show a wooden 3 foot yardstick lying in comparison to the tracks.

The tracks originated from a swampy area up a gradual rise in elevation, then thru several hundred yards of mature hardwood forest. At one point the tracks came within 20 yards of his parents cabin. The average stride was 5-61/2 feet, and in some instances much greater. Several photos were taken with a mans Sorel boot print aside to illustrate the extreme difference in depth and size to that of a mans.

OTHER WITNESSES: Tracks were first seen while outside near garage.

ENVIRONMENT: Tracks originated out of a swampy area, thru a hardwood forest, then across a rural road where they were lost due to plowing of the road. Also noted the tracks always steered clear of open areas, preferring thick stands of trees.

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