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Report # 28008  (Class B)
Submitted by Witness prefers to be anonymous on Saturday, July 17, 2010.
Possible nighttime sighting while driving next to Kettle Moraine State Forest

YEAR: 2010

SEASON: Summer



STATE: Wisconsin

COUNTY: Waukesha County

LOCATION DETAILS: We went to the location a couple of days later to look for evidence but none was really found we had alot of rain in the following days to the incident.



OBSERVED: I am writing this report for a family member of mine. The witness to the bigfoot was driving in her vehicle on her way home from work. The route she takes is all country back roads. She was going up a hill with her brights on and notices something was hiding behind a tree on the left side of the road. So she slowed down and it looked around the tree right at her and then poked back into hiding.The witness stated that it was very tall over 6ft tall and had red eyes and a man like face. The witness remembers going through her head questioning what it could have been and soon realized it was something, she had never believed in a bigfoot. She couldn't get over small little details from the little she seen of it. The height, color of eyes, and the way the eyes were set on the face, so human like, unlike an animal, and the face it self more flat like a human not pointy like a deer or bear. The thing that bothered her most was that it was intentionally hiding from her vehicle's lights and peeked out from the tree then hid once seeing her.

ALSO NOTICED: She couldnt get over on how smart this creature seemed to be, it was almost like a game to the bigfoot playing peek-a-boo



TIME AND CONDITIONS: The sighting took place around 11:30 pm very dark calm summer night

ENVIRONMENT: Farm area with fields and trees, hills

Follow-up investigation report by BFRO Investigator Eric Auel:

I met with the witness and her sister at their home and discussed her possible encounter. She reports returning home from work in a neighboring community around 11:30 at night. Along a county road bordering the Kettle Morraine State Park (Southern Unit), the witness observed red eye-shine from an animal popping its head out from behind a tree. The witness reports seeing the eyeshine from about 30 feet away. In addition, she indicated the eyes at a height near seven feet from the ground with a dark outline accompanying it. She was hesitant to tell about her encounter but was talked into reporting this incident by her sister. She preferred to remain anonymous. This area has a history of several formal BFRO reports as well as stories in the media, and works written by Linda Godfrey.

About BFRO Investigator Eric Auel:

Eric has been with the BFRO since the summer of 2008. He has participated in the public 2008 Southern Oregon, 2009 Northern Wisconsin, 2011-2016 Spring Iowa Expeditions as well as the Michigan-UP trip in 2013. He has also participated in many private expeditions.