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Report # 29055  (Class A)
Submitted by witness on Thursday, March 31, 2011.
Young girl recounts two encounters at the family farm near Chehalis

YEAR: 1978

SEASON: Summer


STATE: Washington

COUNTY: Lewis County

LOCATION DETAILS: Off Lucas Creek road. If you google map it as Senn Road, Chehalis, Washington it takes you to the road.



OBSERVED: I lived in Chehalis Washington on Senn Road across from Warehouser land. I had 2 close contact experiences as a child there. The fist one happened when I was 11. My grandparents were visiting and had their camper parked next to our house. My brother and sisters were out with them playing cards, my mom and dad were in their bed room and I was playing the piano in the living room . Behind me is a LARGE picture window looking out onto a neighbors field and beyond that is Warehouser land. As I was playing with my back turned to the window. I had a "Someones watching me feeling" I turned around and there, approximately 10 feet in front of me,watching me play piano, is this hairy creature. He was taller than the picture window because he was bending to see in. His arms were long, his eyes were reddish brown as was his hair. It became darker on his main body, but was lighter on his face and chest area. His upper body was pretty buff. It took me a while to scream as I was frozen in fear for a bit but when I did finally scream he took off. My dad ran out and saw the back of it running away. my grandparents and sisters in brother saw it run by the camper and then dad saw it run through our field to the creek.So that's 6 people that saw it. I of course, having the closest encounter.

The second sighting at the same house. My best friend was staying the night and I had made my bedroom in the back of the truck with the topper on it. (It was Summer) The truck was parked a little away from our house by the barn. We were both in bed talking and suddenly the light from the house was blocked out. I saw a face in the topper side window looking at us. At first I thought it was one of my siblings but as my eyes adjusted to the light change I realized it was the hairy face I had seen in the picture window months before. I then froze and whispered to my friend also not to move. It watched for what seemed like an eternity. Maybe waiting for us to move,which we didn't! Then it moved towards the open back gate window, to our Horror. I thought it was coming to get us,but it never showed up back there. When we got up the courage to get out and go to my house. We told everyone what had happened. They had all been together watching a movie. No one there had been away from the rest.Those are my 2 accounts. I'd like to add that there was intelligence in the eyes and some sort of non verbal communication.

ALSO NOTICED: The second time, when it was me and my friend in the back of the pickup, I did get occasional whiffs of a musky body funk smell.Also heard weird howling sounds often in the evening.That weren't quite the same as the coyotes but similar.

OTHER WITNESSES: yes, as included in the story.

OTHER STORIES: No we moved about a year after that.

TIME AND CONDITIONS: Both times around 9 pm Ist encounter he was lit by the light from the living room and the second time the outdoor light.

ENVIRONMENT: Farm area six farms located on the road each farm with at least 50 acres and as much as 100 acres. boarding that is Warehouser land which encompasses 1000's of acres of woods with many mountains,cliffs, hills, waterfalls and density of flora and fauna.

Follow-up investigation report by BFRO Investigator Scott Taylor:

This witness now lives in Montana. I was able to talk with her over the phone on two occasions. The witness was 11 years-old when these encounters took place. She and her family lived in a rural area a few miles east of Chehalis, Washington. The family farm bordered Weyerhaeuser owned forest land. There is a creek that is nearby called Lucas Creek.

The witness' 1st encounter: She was alone in the living room playing piano. The piano was arranged so that if sitting to play, your back is facing the large picture window. Her parents were in their bedroom. Her siblings were with their grandparents in the camper playing cards. She said that she was playing away, and then got that “I am being watched” feeling. She turned around to see a sasquatch looking through the window at her. Her reaction was to just stare at it in shock for a moment, frozen with fear. Then, when she recovered she screamed. She remembers the creature making a sort of raised-eyebrow facial reaction in surprise in response to the scream. It then turned and ran off as her father came into the room. Her father saw its back as it ran away. It ran by the camper, and her grandparents and siblings also saw it run by. It ran upright on two legs. She said that it had to run around or jump over the farm equipment and other items until it got to the pasture. It ran with a very heavy gait, supporting lots of weight. Once it was at the pasture, it really got going fast as it ran away.

Creature description: She said that when she first turned and looked at it, it was standing on the ground, leaning forward, supporting itself with its two hands placed on the outside wall above the window. It was leaning forward with its head under the eaves of the house so that it could see her through the window. She described the creature as having very long arms. The hair was reddish-brown. It appeared to be 3-4 inches long, overall, but longer on the shoulders and head. There was a hint of ears, but hair was covering them. There was not much hair under its arms, and the hair was a lighter color in this region. There was hair all over the face and was not of uniform color, shaded light to dark. It was obviously male. It had wide shoulders. There was good definition over the waist and hips. From shoulders to waist it was “V” shaped. She was impressed by how muscular and 'cut' it looked. She explained that physically, in retrospect, the bigfoot's appearance was very impressive. It did not look aggressive, and appeared to be shocked when she turned around and screamed. The head was longer than a human's head by proportion. It was wide at the forehead, and rectangular in shape with a wide jaw. The mouth was pronounced and a little ape-like. It was very hairy around the mouth. She did not see teeth. The top of the head was somewhat pointed towards the back. The eyes were a honey color or a brown-copper color. She saw no white in the eyes. The eyebrows “scrunched” as it looked at her in surprise when she screamed. The face looked intelligent. The nose seemed like it was flatter than a human.

Second encounter: It came back the next summer. She believes it was the very same creature. The house had no air-conditioning, and it was hot, so she would put a mattress in the back of the truck and make that into her “summer bedroom”. She and her friend were sleeping in the back of her father's pickup truck when something caused them to awaken. What they saw was the creature looking in the side window at them. They were both awake, but frozen with fear. They held onto each other. It stood there looking in at them for 20-30 minutes while the two girls did not move a muscle. She said that they were both in pain from being immobile for so long. Then, the creature moved towards the open tailgate of the truck. She was afraid of what it would do and nearly passed out with fear, but it never showed itself there, as it moved off and left.

As a young girl, she used to spend most of her free time playing along the creek and roaming around the woods. She would collect agates from the creek to sell to the rock collectors every summer at the gem show in town. She used that to make some money and became very good at grading the stones, knowing what they were worth and what the gem collectors were looking for. As such, she possibly became a familiar person to any sasquatches living in the area, and as a female child, would be an object of their curiosity and not a threat. Her brother and sister also played outdoors. This behavior on their part is exactly what would make a sasquatch interested in observing them. Also, the playing of music is an often reported activity that seems to interest sasquatches. This combination of being a female child playing in and roaming the wood as well as playing piano is a powerful enticement to the local sasquatches.

I believe that this account of two encounters is authentic. Although this witness was only 11 and 12 at the times of the encounters, she remembers a lot of detail. Further, other family members also saw it. I asked to talk to other members of her family, and she said she would pass on my request, but they have not contacted me.

I went to the location. The witness and her family have not lived there for 30 years. It was in very poor shape, and I did not feel safe walking up to the house. However, the forest environment around that area is still very conducive to sasquatch habitation.

About BFRO Investigator Scott Taylor:

Scott Taylor is a retired aerospace manager. He lives in Mason County, Washington. He had his first bigfoot encounter in October 2005 where he was stalked and later heard vocalizations. He attended official BFRO Expeditions in the Washington Cascades in 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012 and 2013. He also attended the 2007 BFRO Expedition in the central Oregon Cascades and the 2007 Utah Expedition in the Uinta's. He attended the 2008 and 2009 Olympic Peninsula Expeditions and co-lead the 2013 Expedition. He has participated in numerous speaking engagements over the past 17 years.