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Report # 31201  (Class A)
Submitted by witness on Thursday, December 1, 2011.
Night road crossing observed near El Dorado Springs

YEAR: 2011


MONTH: November

DATE: 22

STATE: Missouri

COUNTY: Vernon County

LOCATION DETAILS: Rt 54 eastbound just before right hand turn off toward mo rt 32

NEAREST TOWN: traveling to our farm in dunnegan on rt 54 near El Dorado Springs


OBSERVED: Large upright primate approx 7foot height.

ALSO NOTICED: Crossed hi-way in less than 3 steps and stepped over guardrail w/NO problem or hand support. Just a regular stride right over it!

OTHER WITNESSES: Yes, sitting in passenger seat.

OTHER STORIES: People in town talk about the "Grassman", lots of stories from townspeople. House is 10 minutes from the sighting and have heard screams at night coming from the woods. Horses occasionally get spooked and dart from the edge of the woods to the house.

TIME AND CONDITIONS: 10 pm, dark, but yet moonlit on Missouri route 54 near El Dorado Springs.

ENVIRONMENT: Wooded, with some open cattle fields.

Follow-up investigation report by BFRO Investigator J.D. Lansman:

I called and talked to both witnesses. One witness was driving and the other was a passenger. The sighting took place on Hwy 54 about 5 miles west of El Dorado Springs, MO. As they got close enough for the headlights to illuminate it, both witnesses saw a bi-pedal creature at about the center line crossing the road from right to left and moving toward the left side guardrail. The top of the guardrail was at a height that a person would have to touch the guardrail and climb over to get to the other side. They saw it move across the road and run right over the guardrail in stride like the guardrail was not even there.

When the creature was illuminated by the headlights, the witnesses saw that the creature was covered in long hair with a mixture of chocolate brown and gray. Both saw the creature look down as it crossed the guardrail and then look back at them. The driver did not see the face, but the passenger said the face looked like a neanderthal with a large brow. The passenger also described it's body as looking ape or monkey like, with a slight hunch back. The passenger is a veterinary technician that works daily with animals.

After it crossed the guardrail, the witnesses stopped the car immediately and were able to still see it moving through a field where there were cattle. The cattle immediately parted and ran away from it. One of the witnesses stated that watching this was very odd as the cows looked so small next to the creature. The backs of the cattle were between its knee and waist. It appeared like a human walking through a pack of dogs as the dogs darted away, but they could clearly see that it was not dogs but cows. From this they were able to judge the height to be over 7 feet tall.

UPDATE: After reading this report, the owner of the land and cattle at this sighting location wrote to the BFRO and explained that the cattle in the field were calves recently weaned from their mothers. Therefore the calves were smaller and not yet fully grown cattle. This helps explain why the backs of the cattle (calves) in the field, as seen by the witness, only came up to between the knee and waist of the creature.

The witnesses entered that there was moonlight in the Conditions section of their report because they could see the definite shapes of the creature and cattle in the field and assumed the minimal light must have come from the moon. Records show that the moon had not yet risen at the time and date of the sighting. So there was probably sufficient starlight or other ambient light such as the headlights (though shining in another direction) to allow the shadow forms to be seen. Belief by the witnesses that there was moonlight is an understandable assumption and should not diminish the authenticity of their experience.

About BFRO Investigator J.D. Lansman:

Mr. Lansman graduated with an Electrical Engineering Degree from Texas A&M University. He is an extensive traveler, having traveled to over 40 different countries. Mr. Lansman currently resides in Branson, Missouri where he owns/operates a couple of small businesses.

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