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Report # 32402  (Class B)
Submitted by witness on Saturday, January 21, 2012.
Tall upright figure observed crossing road near Woodruff

YEAR: 2011


MONTH: November


STATE: Wisconsin

COUNTY: Oneida County

LOCATION DETAILS: About 2 miles from Hwy J, just before Timberlane Rd.



OBSERVED: It was around 4:30 p.m. we were heading back to Lake Tomahawk from Woodruff. It was sunny but sun was low in the sky, Forest on each side of the highway, leaves were down with thick undergrowth and thick with pine trees. We saw an all black figure run across the road. It was about 7-8 feet tall and lanky. It took about 5 strides to cross from forest to forest. It ran straight up-- stride effortlessly without stumbling or looking side to side just looked straight ahead. It ran across the road in 3-4 seconds. the sides of the road were at a 40 degree angle to the road bed. It was about 3 football fields in front of us. There was a small red car about 200ft in front of us but it showed no reaction. It did not slow down. We pinpointed where it went in and out the woods and there was no trails or road. You could not tell any features but the head appeared cone shape and long.


OTHER STORIES: No, never believed in it.

TIME AND CONDITIONS: Sunny but sun low in sky dry 45 degrees

ENVIRONMENT: Pine forest, thick underbrush

Follow-up investigation report by BFRO Investigator B.G. Martin:

The husband and wife were driving southeast on Hwy 47 an hour before sunset when they both saw an upright figure run from west to east across the highway. The husband was driving and was able to provide more detail about the event.

He has 42 years of hunting experience and was able to clearly see that the upright figure was running without slowing down or looking down either side of the road. He was bewildered that something that was running “practically as fast as a deer” crossed the road without stumbling or adjusting its footing. It crossed the 20’ wide shoulder that began 8’ higher than the asphalt road, down to the 30’ wide road, up the 8’ high 20’ wide embankment on the other side and did it with out breaking its stride or pace. Their view of the running subject wasn’t block by the small red car in front of them. The stretch of road was level and straight.

Both of them commented how tall and lanky it was and how it reminded them of a tall basketball player. The husband added there aren’t many people that are that tall in northern Wisconsin. He said it moved its arms while it was running but the movement wasn’t exaggerated but was a smooth and a graceful motion. The all black figure had a conical head and there was no shine to the coat.

He knows it wasn’t a deer, it wasn’t a bear, and it was running to fast too be a human, he couldn’t say what he saw and was at a loss for words for what he observed.

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