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Geographical Index > United States > Alabama > Limestone County > Report # 3296
Report # 3296  (Class A)
Submitted by witness on Saturday, November 3, 2001.
Man on his way to work sees sasquatch crossing road in his headlights

YEAR: 2001


STATE: Alabama

COUNTY: Limestone County

LOCATION DETAILS: swan creek management area

NEAREST TOWN: athens, al

NEAREST ROAD: swan creek road

OBSERVED: The subject that my brother saw was between 8-9 ft tall. It had brown hair covering its body, appeared to have no neck, very long arms, took long strides. It was started to cross a road when he came up on it. It never moved any faster, just glanced sideways at the car, and kept walking till it crossed the road into the woods. he determined the height of it by comparing it to a road sign on the side of the road.

OTHER WITNESSES: my brother is 45 yrs old, he was going in to work early at a general motors plant. he was by himself. 2;00 am.

OTHER STORIES: a neighbor has seen very large prints that he believes may belong to a bigfoot. i believe he may have a cast of one that he found, it was by a creek area.

TIME AND CONDITIONS: 2:00 a.m. fair weather, lights from the vehicle shining on it.

ENVIRONMENT: it was at the swan creek area, the sighting was crossing the road, right past a bridge, in a swampy area, there are two bridges there, the first going over a small creek, the second is the swampy area, that is where it was seen, then crossed the road into the woods.

Follow-up investigation report:

I was able to contact the primary witness directly. He gave the following details:

The creature appeared ahead in headlights. When he first saw movement he thought get ready to avoid a deer, then noticed it was upright. There was a road sign behind it and the creature was about even with the sign, about 8ft. It was not shaped like a bear. Very similar to Bigfoot seen on TV (Bigfoot in Patterson film). It was one color, not shaggy, but hair covered. It took less than 4 steps to cross paved road. It had very long arms, but not much neck, and was very muscular looking, probably over 500 pounds. It crossed the road right to left perpendicular to highway then through the ditch to the left then out of the lights. Hands were closer to knees than hips. Upper body leaned slightly forward. Just walking briskly, but not running.