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Report # 3333  (Class A)
Submitted by witness on Thursday, September 17, 1998.
Large creature turned and stared at couple

YEAR: 1973


DATE: Late Sept.or early Oct.

STATE: North Carolina

COUNTY: Macon County

LOCATION DETAILS: Western N.C. Between Cullowee and Franklin. The area is now known as Panthertown valley. The area was a very remote dirt road in the mountains. We had traveled down several and even been turned away from one, by a man with a shotgun.

NEAREST TOWN: Between Cullowee and Franklin.

OBSERVED: My girlfriend and I were riding the backroads when I noticed some small pine trees moving. Initially I thought it was the was the wind, but suddenly a figure emerged. My girlfriend grabbed my arm in fear. We were confronted by a large creature crossing the road. The creature turned and stared, it had ice blue eyes, was about seven and half feet tall. I guess it weighed maybe 350 to 450 lbs. It took two steps to cross the road, pausing to look half way. This was in 1973, I believe the area is now known as Panthertown valley. I cannot forget those ice blue eyes.

ALSO NOTICED: My girlfriend was very scared and would not let me leave the car to check the footprints.

OTHER WITNESSES: She was riding, talking and checking out new roads.


ENVIRONMENT: Very remote.