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Report # 36326  (Class A)
Submitted by witness on Friday, August 24, 2012.
Nighttime sighting by campers stopped on remote road near Wishkah

YEAR: 2004

SEASON: Summer


STATE: Washington

COUNTY: Grays Harbor County

LOCATION DETAILS: Traveling from Aberdeen,WA. Head out B Street to Wishkah road. Follow Wishkah road for 10 or so miles. Wynoochie-Wishkah road will be on your right side. It is only a few miles at most to the top of 13 corners. There is no sign postings for the logging road but it is the last pull over area on the left side of the road before you start going down the hill.


NEAREST ROAD: Wynoochie-Wishkah Rd

OBSERVED: My experience happened a few years ago on a logging road between Wishkah, WA and Montesano,WA. The logging road we were on takes you out to the Wynoochie lake.

A friend of mine and I were driving out to meet some friends who were camping. They were a few miles back off the paved road. We stopped the truck to get out and check the bed to make sure we had everything before we got too deep out in the woods. Like food, beverages etc.. It was just getting dark so we had the headlights on and the dome light lit up everything around us, so we couldn't see a few feet (10+ or so from the truck). We both get in the truck about the same time and close the doors, dome light goes off and we notice something standing roughly 15-20' ahead of us, in the middle of a single lane logging road. We were in a lifted Toyota Tacoma, I'm about 6'4 and the truck was taller than me. What we saw was grey-ish brown colored and fully covered in hair. The part of the road we were parked was cut out from a small hill. The banks were roughly 6' high on each side of the road. Before we could take a picture, honk, do anything at all, from a standing position it jumped up and was up and over the bank. The headlights didn't show the exact height but in my guess it had to be at LEAST 7'. I'm over 200lbs and it made me look like a baby.

To this day, I still haven't gone down that logging road. If you'd like to know the exact place, it is called the A-Line on top of 13 corners. We were traveling from Wishkah side so the road was on our left. I've always been a believer in Sasquatch, my grandpa was a logger a long long time ago and actually worked while they were building roads to the dam. He told me all about the weird knocks, sounds that he would hear while staying in the cabins out there.

I'm in my mid 20's and have lived in the country for the past 10 years. Love camping and being in the outdoors. I tell all my friends about my experience and still after all these years it still gives me goosebumps when I tell it. I'll never forget that.

ALSO NOTICED: Nothing, for the size of whatever we saw you would think that it would make noise when it moved around. We didn't hear anything. Where it jumped up, it would of taken me or anyone a few mins to get up and over. Not many bushes or shrubs to hang on to. I would of had to get down and crawl/climb up it.

OTHER WITNESSES: My friend and myself were the only ones there. We both just got off work and were heading out to meet some friends camping.

OTHER STORIES: (2012) I just moved into Aberdeen (town) and before that I was living 10 miles out on the E. Hoquiam road. My fiance and I lived right on the river. At night she would go out for a cigarette and I'd join her because she would hear stuff. We started to hear knocks just about every night. Our bedroom was right by the river. The river is probably 20+ feet from the house. One night we heard knocks really loud and then sounded like splashing through the water. The river is only a few feet deep there and about 6' in the deep holes. Never heard any howls or anything, just quite a few knocks. It was so intense for her, that she wanted to move. She didn't believe in bigfoot/sasquatch or anything. Now she believes and is spooked out.

(This is referring to my story up above)
I told my mom about what I saw and maybe 6 months to a year later. About 1/4 mile down the road (closer to 13 corners) going towards Montesano. She was on her way to meet some friends and pulled over along the side of the road to go to the bathroom (its country out here, no rest stops). She thought it was just a stump from where they've been logging but as she got up, she turned around and it was gone. She doesn't stop anymore on that road.

Same area and this is about the same time as when I had my encounter. My basketball coach told me that his mom, who works for fish & wildlife found something strange at work. While her and her partner were walking up and down a small creek. To check for any salmon spawning. She came across a deer that was killed, but not like a bear would kill it or a hunter. The neck/back were broke and the actual spine was ripped back, like ripping it through the hide and everything. She was freaked out and got on the walkie talkie and told her partner. She had to hike up the hill and walk back up to the truck. By the time she meets her partner at the truck, something had packed/dragged/moved this deer up by their truck. She doesn't like talking about it because it scared her so bad.

From where I lived to where I had the incident in the truck is less than a 20 mile radius. A hill seperates E. Hoquiam to the Wishkah road and has many logging roads in between. Then Wishkah to 13 corners isn't far at all.

There is just something about that area. Still do this day there isn't many houses out there and alot of woods.

TIME AND CONDITIONS: Clear Summer day around dusk

ENVIRONMENT: Logging road. The area has been logged and was mainly clear cut with brush piles around.

Follow-up investigation report by BFRO Investigator Ghee Bouche':

In talking with Randall it is clear that both he and the fellow witness, who saw the Sasquatch first, received a clear view of the animal before it retreated into the forest. He described the individual as dirty looking as if the animal had dirt in its fur with the color of the fur being a grey/sandy brown color and very muscular. The headlights showed the animal from its feet up to the animal's chest. He described the individual as at least 7 feet tall with a weight of roughly 400 lbs.

About BFRO Investigator Ghee Bouche':

An avid back country hiker and outdoors man, Ghee Bouche' has experienced Sasquatch behavior and worked with expeditions in the northwest to collect data on this species for their future protection and increased cultural awareness. He is the author of "The Night Tribe" and co-lead in the 2013 BFRO expedition of the Olympic Peninsula in Washington state.