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Report # 36572  (Class A)
Submitted by witness on Monday, October 1, 2012.
Trucker has nighttime sighting outside the city of Nevada

YEAR: 2012


MONTH: September

DATE: 18

STATE: Missouri

COUNTY: Vernon County

LOCATION DETAILS: It was on the main highway east of Fort Scott, Kansas heading into Missouri. It is south of Kansas City near the Arkansas border.(Sighting happened on Missouri side of border.)

NEAREST TOWN: Nevada, Missouri

NEAREST ROAD: Highway 54 west of Nevada, Mo.

OBSERVED: Recently at about 4am I was traveling east out of Fort Scott, Kansas. Just over the Missouri border the road gets narrow with heavy forest almost coming up to the edge of it. Ahead of me at the end of my headlights I saw something run across the road on 2 legs. It was covered with thick brown hair and it had to be big because in just 2 or 3 steps it was across the road and gone into the forest on the other side. It wasn't a bear or a farm animal because they run on 4 legs. And it wasn't a man either unless he had never had a shave or a haircut in his life. A man might be able to run fast, but he couldn't possibly have a stride long enough to come out of a forest, cross a road, and disappear again into the forest on the other side in just a couple of seconds. I only got a glimpse of it for just 2 or 3 seconds but I know what I saw and it wasn't like anything I'd ever seen or heard of outside of things associated with Bigfoot.

ALSO NOTICED: No. It all happened so fast I wasn't sure myself until I got to thinking about it.(I had my truck window down to catch the breeze because I love the cool night air. Just after I passed the spot on the road where this thing crossed I noticed a slightly bad smell in the air for a moment or two.

OTHER WITNESSES: Just 1, me. I was simply driving down the highway to deliver an electric generator to the county fairgrounds in Rison, Arkansas.


TIME AND CONDITIONS: About 4am. Very dark except for what I could see in my headlights. (But what I could see I saw very plainly.)

ENVIRONMENT: Forest, but not sure how deep. No known landmarks except for the road.

Follow-up investigation report by BFRO Investigator Larry Newman:

I spoke with this witness by phone. He is a truck driver and lives several states away. During our conversation he appeared to be very sincere in his demeanor and his account was accurate to the written report. Some additional observations were he observed the arms which did not swing forward and back to any great degree and a slightly pointed, cone shape to the head.

The most impressive part of the sighting to the witness was it crossed the road in only two or three steps and did it on two legs. The hair on it was a dark brown. The witness was very sure on this point although he only saw it for a short moment of time. He was sure it was not black, but dark brown.

I am familiar with this area and just south of the highway about 1/4 mile is a small lake. A stream crosses the highway at this same location. (About 100 miles south of Kansas City and about 70 miles north of the Arkansas state line in Missouri). This is just a few miles west of Nevada Missouri on US-54 where there has been a lot of recent activity.

About BFRO Investigator Larry Newman:

Life long hunter and fisherman with tracking skills.
Fall 2009 Missouri expedition.
Retired Law Enforcement investigator and certified crime scene investigator. Also experienced and trained in interview techniques and written statement analysis.