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Report # 37267  (Class A)
Submitted by witness on Sunday, November 11, 2012.
Close daylight observation by a fisherman at a trout stream near Unicoi

YEAR: 2012


MONTH: November

DATE: 11

STATE: Tennessee

COUNTY: Unicoi County

LOCATION DETAILS: Near north Indian Creek Campground on Hwy 107 North, halfway between the town of Erwin TN and Buladean NC on the Unaka mountain range as part of the Cherokee National Forest.

NEAREST TOWN: Erwin/ Unicoi County

NEAREST ROAD: Highway 107 North

OBSERVED: Observed a giant bi-pedal creature in the Cherokee National Forest in Unicoi County Tennessee near the North Carolina border. Creature was in the creek when I first saw it. The creature immediately sensed my presence and came out of the creek and placed its hand on a tree and hit the tree in a knocking manner approximately 4 times. I was trying to get my phone out and attempt to take a picture when the creature stomped the ground with its foot and growled something incredibly fierce several times. A growl I can best describe as a mix between a bear and a large canine. After the growl I started to retreat and as I did the creature took off in a run and vanished. I was in the very close range of 15 to 20 yards when I observed it. If there had not been running water I don't believe I would have gotten that close to it as it masked it hearing me and me hearing it. The time of day was 7 am and I was in the woods going to go trout fishing. I watched the creature for around 45 seconds and height estimate is at least 8feet and shoulder to shoulder 3 feet at least. The creature had brown and red hair that was very thick, yet had a shine in the coat, a flat face and a distinct, almost white nose that looked very wide and brown eyes. I am very fortunate to see what I saw and all the details of the creature as I was very close to it I am a believer in sasquatches and just feel so fortunate to have this experience. I didn't feel threatened by the creature just in awe of its massive size and agility as it lept out of the creek and how quickly it ran out of sight.

ALSO NOTICED: Distinct unknown odor such as a wet dog or animal would smell with a musky aroma

OTHER WITNESSES: Observed creature alone


TIME AND CONDITIONS: 7am very early sunlight and clear and dry conditions in the air and morning dampness on the ground

ENVIRONMENT: Hardwood forest with laurel thickets along a moderate sized creek near a trailer campground

Follow-up investigation report by BFRO Investigator Rolf G.:

I spoke to the witness on 3 occasions and find him to be a credible witness.

At first sight the Bigfoot was in creek water up to its knees, they made eye contact with each other.

It leaped with amazing agility out of the water and onto the bank.

Next, the Bigfoot stomped its foot to the ground.

The BF looked at the witness and gave what was described as a moan growl scream.

The witness then saw and heard the Bigfoot step toward and strike a tree four times with its hand.

It then immediately ran toward and into the thick forest.

The hair at the head and shoulder was a lighter tint of reddish brown; the rest of the body was darker.

About BFRO Investigator Rolf G.:

An avid outdoorsman who grew up hunting, fishing, and hiking in the Appalachian Mountains. Retired from the U.S. Army. Attended the NC-07 and TN-09 BFRO Expeditions.