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Report # 3918  (Class B)
Submitted by witness on Sunday, March 10, 2002.
Hunter has unexplained, late night encounter while in small boat on Saddle Creek

YEAR: 1985 86


MONTH: September

STATE: Florida

COUNTY: Polk County

LOCATION DETAILS: North of 540 up the Saddlecreek about 1/2 mile up the creek on the right side in the swamp close to the Dump.

NEAREST TOWN: Lakeland Fla


OBSERVED: Hello. i was reading the article the lady wrote from Polk County Fla.I was raised in Lakeland and grew up Hunting in the area around the County dump where the lady also lived or lives. I can tell you one thing you can beleive her. There has always been something in the Swamps around that area. From the Tenneroc Mines thrue Saddle Creek all the way to The old mines around the dump. and also north of Polk City in the Green Swamp. I remember hog hunting or (poching)on the County landfill land and having the Hell scared out of me by something that was big/ loud /and smelly. And i even lost a couple of Dogs to what ever it is? I got a quick glance of something one night. I was traveling up the creek in a 10 FT.boat with two Dogs.About a quarter mile up the creek and i started hearing something that seemed to be following me on the bank to my right i thout maybe it was my imagination and then i started hearing a loud like blowing nouise then i started shining my light up the bank and the noise stoped then the Dogs started acting funny so i stopped thinking it may be hogs so i tried puting the Dogs on the bank and they started whining and would not go so i knew something wasnt right so I paddled back out and started feeling reel strange myself so i started to continue when my Bay Dog started barking madly then i turned my light on and shined up and down the bank then i seen a large Ape like thing go over the hill running away from me. It was to thick to get a good look so i was scared stiff then i got the nerve to turn and leave so i did. When i passed the area where i seen it i looked and seen a group of tracks i didnt stop to examine so i paddled my butt off till i got back to my truck and loaded up and left. ther is more to tell and me and some freinds did make a return trip. call for more info.

ALSO NOTICED: in the future there was dogs killed by something was not beleived to be a Gator.

OTHER WITNESSES: no witneses on that acasion but where in the future

OTHER STORIES: I can tell you alot of stories about central Fla. and ther are alot of stories about skunk apes or Something in the swamps around Polk County.

TIME AND CONDITIONS: 10;30 11:00 dark cool light Fog

ENVIRONMENT: wet and swampy

Follow-up investigation report:

After speaking with the witness at length, I found him to be forthright and credible in the retelling of his encounter.

The dogs mentioned are local tales told among the residents of the area, save one time when the witness viewed for himself a dog that had looked literally torn apart.

The events in the future in question involve a whistling sound heard and several other strange events noted by residents of the area at that time.

The actual sighting of the possible bigfoot was, in the witnessís approximation, at 175-200 feet distance. Aside from being ape-like, there are no other details of note regarding its appearance.

The witness also noted a "skunk-like, brassy " smell in the area prior to the sighting.

Since at no time did the witness get a clear view of the creature in question, this report is listed as Class B.